Thursday, October 30, 2014


Happy Thursday! Is it just me, or has this week seemed to D-R-A-G on? I think it’s the fact that all I’m doing in my English classes is speed-reading through The Odyssey so that we will be finished by the time we test on Monday, but I feel as though it should definitely be Friday by now. But I did get a nice treat when I got to go HOME after school yesterday, missing any and all traffic, meaning I was sitting on my couch grading papers by about 3:30pm. So not only did I manage to get home and start grading, I was also able to work out and be totally done by 5:45pm. I think I might eventually need to start a new hobby, but for now, I’ll relish in this “extra” time I feel like I have!

This will just be a quick post, but I wanted to get back into the fitnessandfroyo groove and share yesterday’s workout. It is very similar to a workout that I found on Pinterest, just with a couple of changes. I completed three rounds of this workout, which didn’t take me that long, but sure left me sweaty and out of breath!

Once I finished three rounds of that, I headed right outside to a set of stairs, and dragged my heavy legs through three sets of 10 stair runs. Because the temperature wasn't quite as pleasant as the weather we had in the morning, my cheeks were fiery red as I was walking out of the MAC.

And I know this was one of my shorter posts, but I'm easing back into this whole blogging thing. So, if you are ever pressed for time, try a version of this workout - it packs a mean punch!

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