Sunday, March 19, 2017

Half Marathon Sunday

Happy SUNDAY! Holy moly, how is it already the last day of my spring break? And while I'm about to go run half marathon number eleven (!!!), I had to check in with a regularly scheduled blog post. I have loved coming back to my AirBnB at night with time to relax and read or blog. I've filled my days to the brim, and I don't feel guilty about relaxing at night. So, enjoy!

First thing you wash in the shower?
My hair. I’m still trying to figure out how people go consecutive days without washing their hair. I understand that every article and magazine out there tells us we shouldn’t be washing our hair every day, but when I don’t wash my hair, it looks like I haven’t washed my hair.

Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?
Well, I don’t like coffee (I know, I know – just give me a few years, and I’ll be on the coffee train. I’ve heard it all before.), but I am also not a hug alcohol drinker. I will have the occasional glass(es) of wine, but it’s not something I have to have every night. But because I don’t drink coffee, I’ll go with alcohol.

Do you plan outfits?
I do. If what I am about to share with you doesn’t point back to my Type A personality, I don’t know what does. I keep a weekly to-do list, and I actually write down the outfits I plan to wear each day at the beginning of the week when I’m writing down everything that I have to accomplish. It’s embarrassing to admit, but it saves me a few minutes each morning when I already know what I’m going to wear that day. And for someone who doesn’t lollygag around in the mornings, every minute matters.

Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
Well, seeing as I can’t eat ice cream, I’ll answer this question as though it were asking about gelato. Even the idea of biting into an ice cream (or gelato) cone makes my front teeth hurt, and because I don’t often allow myself the luxury of gelato, I want to make sure I truly enjoy it. And while this very word and image kind of grosses me out, I admit that I kind of slurp my gelato? As in, I won’t take an actual bite, but I will do more than just lick it, if that makes any sense.

Would you go sky diving?
I’ve done it before, and I would absolutely do it again if the opportunity presented itself. Skydiving was by far one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, and I would welcome the opportunity to do it again. And pull the parachute for myself, whoops!

If you were paid one million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you do it?
That depends. Am I doing it alone? If so, probably not. If I could have a couple of friends with me, I bet we could really have some fun. After all, the dorm I lived in my freshman and sophomore years of college was said to be haunted, and on the very last night before we were released for the summer, and the nine RA’s were the only ones in the dorm, we had more than our fair share of fun hanging out on the fifth-floor study lounge. And to be one of nine girls in a dorm that size? Yeah, it’s a little scarier than it sounds.

If you could go back in time, which time period would you visit?
The 1920’s. That time period so fascinates me. After devouring novels like The Great Gatsby, and The Other Typist, which are both set in that time period, I am just so intrigued by the lifestyle that seemed to consume so many during that time. It was a time period full of energy and fashion, but also a time period of greed and materialism. Anyway, these are two novels that transport me to the roaring twenties (which, by the way, isn't it crazy that we'll be back in the twenties in just a few years?!), and I am always very reluctant to leave once the books is over.

If you were on American Idol (or The Voice, XFactor, etc.) tonight, what song would you sing and why?
I will literally never be in this situation, but in the instance that aliens ever came down to Earth and gifted me a beautiful voice, I guess I would sing something that means something to me – like Rise Up by Andra Day, or What If by Five for Fighting. Of course, there are many songs that mean something to me, but these are two that came to mind right off the bat.

What’s a common misconception about you?
This is an interesting question. And it’s one that’s hard for me to answer. When I’m around a group of people I don’t know very well, I tend to stay very quiet, choosing to keep to myself and just listen to the conversation happening around me. So others may think that I am a very shy, reserved person. And that wouldn’t be incorrect. Once I get to know someone, though, I will come out of my shell and be more chatty and bubbly and energetic – the all-around opposite of reserved. I still listen very well, but my overall demeanor definitely changes, especially if it is just a group of five or six. I feel as though I can get a pretty good gauge on the types of people I’m dealing with, and decide if I want to really open up or not.

What fitness related class or exercise are you dying to try?
City Surf Fitness in Austin. This is a relatively new class in the Austin area, but one that looks like SO much fun. I’ve never actually been surfing before – I’m kicking myself for not taking lessons when my family vacationed to Hawaii back in 2003 – but I know it’s a killer workout. And while as a Houston resident, surfing isn’t something that I could do on a regular basis, I would love to mimic the experience by taking what seems like it would be an enjoyable exercise class that combines strength, balance, and cardio.

Describe a time you gave a hard time to a teacher.
I’m going to be honest – I don’t know that there was ever an instance when I gave a teacher a hard time. I was such a goody-two shoes, and I genuinely wanted to please my teachers. I wanted them to like me as a person. I hoped that, if my name ever came up in the teachers’ lounge, it would be met with positive sentiments. I am still very much that way, but now, I’m the teacher. And if the question asked me to describe a time a student gave me a hard time, there wouldn’t be enough room on this page.

Alright folks, I'm off to the race site. I’ll be sure and give you all a full race recap, but for now, just cross your fingers that I have enough time to take a shower before boarding my flight back to Houston. Otherwise, it’s going to be a l-o-n-g couple of hours for the person sitting next to me. Catch y’all from Houston!

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