Thursday, March 30, 2017

Simple Things: A to Z

Happy Sunday! I know I skipped last Sunday, but I'm back on track this week. I feel as though this is a survey I have completed before, but I’m sure at least some of my answers have changed (though, I’m sure many of my answers have remained the same, so it would be interesting to compare the two). Anyway, this school week has been chock full of standardized testing, and it tends to be exhausting for all who are involved. And it can be easy to get bogged down in all of the little details, so I figured an A to Z list of the little things that make me happy would make for a fantastic Sunday survey. Enjoy!

The Simple Things: A to Z

A – Anthropologie. Even if I don’t make a purchase, there is something so soothing about strolling through such a classic, beautiful store.

B – Books. And reading underneath a blanket for some extra “B” action. I hate that I don’t have nearly enough time to read during the school year, but I certainly make up for it on holiday breaks.

C – Chacos. There is nothing better than Chaco and shorts weather.

D – Dark chocolate. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without it.

E – Exercise. Running, swimming, biking, walking – you name it, I’m all over it. And I’m grateful every day for the ability to do so.

F – Frozen yogurt. What would a post on fitnessandfroyo be without mention of frozen yogurt? Though I don’t eat it quite as often as I used to (note: every single day after volleyball practice senior year), I look forward to it all the same.

G – Game shows. Call me an old lady, but The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Chain Reaction are my JAM!

H – Houston. As much as I love traveling, there is no place like home. Humidity and all.

I – Inspiring athletes. Okay, I stole Julie’s letter “I”. I wanted to use Olympics for “O”, but then I found a way to use both the Olympics and other people’s stories. And it gets better. As talented as these athletes are, it’s their stories that really steal my heart.

J – Journals. I live and breathe by the to-do lists I keep in my pink, spiral-bound journal. And when I was younger, I can’t tell you how many different journals I started. Started being the operative word here.

K – Kindness. Because “K” is a tough letter, but also because a kind word or action can go such a long way.

L – Letters in the mail. Is there a daymaker more than opening up your mailbox and seeing a letter in the mail? Something other than boring bills, of course.

M – Mack. It goes without saying that this sweet puppy is the light of my life, and the best greeting a girl could receive upon walking through the front door. He stole my heart from the moment I picked him up in Dimebox, and he has continued to be my single greatest decision.

N – Notes, of the handwritten variety, especially. I’m convinced that they’re my love language, and I cherish every single handwritten note I have ever received.

O – Other people’s stories. Ultimately, I want to become a high school counselor. Maybe not anytime soon (maybe as soon as I can afford grad school!), but there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down and listening to someone tell his or her story. I love learning what makes up a person, and what has put each person on his or her current journey.

P – Puns. Anytime is the right time for a pun.

Q – Quotes. Guys, I am such a sucker for inspiring quotes. When I was younger, I would type up all of my favorite quotes, getting the font type and color just right before printing them, cutting them into strips, and gluing them into a journal.

R – Running. In case you’re new around here, running is a huge part of my life. It challenges me, it keeps me focused, it humbles me, and most of all, it sets me free.

S – Sunshine. Sunsets, sunrises – I will always choose a sunny day over a gloomy one. That is why, as much as I loved Seattle and Portland, it rained far too much for my liking. By Friday evening, I was 110% over it. But those rainy days made the sunshine-y moments all the more worth it.

T – Traveling. There is so much beauty in this world, and I want to see it all. Traveling allows me to experience the beauty and wonder that is all around me, and it puts me far outside my comfort zone.

U – University of Texas. I will hold my horns high until Gabriel blows his horn. Hook them forever.

V – Volleyball. The sport that gave me so much growing up, and the sport that continues to give me so much as an adult.

W – Writing. One of the reasons I have committed to writing at least one blog post a week is because I have such a passion for writing. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily the best writer around, but it brings me a whole lot of joy. 

X – Xerox machine? Some mornings, it’s my lifesaver. Teachers, ya feel me?

Y – Yogurt. My go-to breakfast in the mornings. Annnnnd perhaps my late-morning snack? What can I say? When I find something I like, I stick with it. 

Z – Zucchini muffins. I make a batch or two of these muffins every couple of weeks, and after almost a year, I have yet to get sick of them. Healthy, but a little bit indulgent all at the same time. Can’t beat it!

And with that, I'm off to run! And rock the sand volleyball semi-finals. Busy Sunday, but I've got nothing to complain about. Fingers crossed the rain holds off! Have a great one!

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