Friday, April 7, 2017

Things I'm Loving Friday LIV

Happy FriYAY! This week has been a bit of a crazy one -- Tuesday we were given an unexpected surprise in our water being shut off and everyone being immediately dismissed around 10:45am, Wednesday we administered the SAT and had 15 minute classes, and today, I'm taking my first day off of the year. Mack and I used the unexpected free time to hit the dog park near my apartment, and I used Wednesday's SAT break to catch up on a little bit of school work. And while I hate missing school, it was nice to be able to turn off my 4:27am alarm. My fingers are crossed that my kids behave for the sub, and get some work done in the process!

But without further ado, here's another round of some Things I'm Loving on this sunny Friday!

9 Habits of Highly Successful People, From a Man Who Spent 5 Years Studying Them
My principal tweeted out this article, and when he tweets, I listen. Or read? Anyway, I love articles like this, as they force me to take a step back and look at how they play out (or don't play out ...) in my own life. While getting up early, exercising, and pursuing my own goals are my strengths, focused thinking and avoiding time-wasters are at least two items that I could improve upon. 

Garmin Forerunner 235
It was suggested that I invest in a watch with heart rate capabilities, so, while I loved (and still love) my Forerunner 10, it wasn’t getting me the data I need. So, I took to Amazon and found a refurbished (that was my first problem – never go refurbished just to try and save money) Garmin that would supposedly give me my heartrate. For whatever reason, this watch wasn’t the most user-friendly, and it gave me a heart rate that meant I would drop dead, so I did my research and forked over the big bucks for the watch I really wanted in the first place – the Forerunner 235. And guys – I am OBSESSED. It’s a beautiful frost blue color, it is super user-friendly, and it counts my daily steps. I’m turning into one of those Fitbit-type people – obsessed with getting my steps in each day. Kidding, but most importantly, it is giving me the (accurate!) data that I need to take this Boston dream one step further.

Roll Recovery R8
This is a modern-day torture method, I'm convinced. But it's one of those "it hurts so good" kind of things. But it still hurts. But gone are the days of awkwardly positioning yourself on a cylinder of foam in order to roll out your quads, hamstrings, or IT band. The R8 adjusts to anyone’s body, and while I’ve never had a full-body deep tissue massage, I imagine what the R8 does is pretty close to it. It’s easy to transport, it’s easy to use, and you can reach virtually any part of your body with this contraption. I’m hoping that regular use of the R8 will help keep me injury-free as I log more and more miles. And while the price tag may seem high, it’s far cheaper than a weekly massage.

Body Language Matters
Geno Auriemma, head coach of the uber-successful Connecticut Huskies Women’s Basketball Team, made this speech a year ago in a Final Four press conference, but it is currently making the social media rounds. Probably because it’s extremely powerful, and it’s one that I think I might start off this next volleyball season with. Auriemma brings up the valid point that so many athletes these days are so wrapped up in their individual play, and how they look when they’re out there on the field or court, that it stops being about the team. It’s the age-old statement that body language absolutely matters. Auriemma says, and his players know he’s not messing around, that if a player’s body language is bad, they’re never getting in the game. And if somebody’s not engaged in the game, they’re never getting in the game. Ever. It always has been, and it always will be, about how the team performs. It can be hard, especially in a me-me-me world, but it’s the humble, team-player, gritty ones coaches are after.

18 Chances You Will Not Regret Taking in Life
This is an older article, but one that I hadn't seen until just recently. But I love it. The author’s grandmother (and aren’t grandmothers the absolute wisest?), advised her grandson to not live life worrying about taking a chance and failing, rather, to jump on the plentiful opportunities life gives you. You never know what you’ll discover, and it’s all about appreciating the little things in life. Some of my favorite takeaways (and the things I need to continue to remind myself of) – You are your own biggest obstacle. If it doesn’t scare you, it’s probably not a big enough dream. Embrace the hard. Learn from your failures. Be present. And finally, a smile and a kind word go a long, long way.


And on that note, I'm off to College Station with my parents to celebrate my brother getting his Aggie ring. No, I won't be wearing burnt orange, but I will be sure and hook any down-turned horns that I may come across. Have a great weekend!

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