Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sunday Q&A

Happy SUNDAY! Guys, how in the world is it the last Sunday of August already? I'm headed up to school in a bit to do our annual clean-up of "The Nest" and get it ready for the 2017 Volleyball Season. I feel like it was just Memorial Day Weekend, but it's fine. While I'm over here scratching my head trying to figure out how we got to this point, here's a fun Q&A for your reading pleasure.

The best thing about your job is …
That it’s something new every single day. That there is never a dull moment. That there are endless opportunities to learn, grow, and get outside my comfort zone. And best of all, that it affords me the opportunity to (hopefully) have as large of a positive impact on my students as my teachers did on me. High schoolers are the greatest, and I learn so much from them every day.

And I finally replaced my ID. #winning
Reason for tweeting?
In terms of my personal twitter account, it’s a fun way to connect and share with friends. I’m not much of a Facebook status updater, so tweeting is my way of sharing the funny one-liners about my day. When it comes to my professional account, it is an incredible way to share out and take in resources to use in my classroom. I have learned so much and gotten so many great ideas just from the people I follow – some of whom I know personally, and many I don’t know at all. But I think that makes it even cooler. I got to talk on the phone with a teacher in New York about a virtual reality project to pair with Romeo and Juliet. All because of Twitter. How cool is that?

Favorite piece of clothing and/or accessory right now?
I mentioned this in Friday’s post, but cold shoulder tops are my current jam.

Best spot for cocktails?
Simone on Sunset. It’s such a hidden gem, but when you know, you know.

Favorite drink?
Like drink, drink? I tend to keep it simple with just a glass of wine.

Last purchase?
Groceries. Fun adult things. Back to meal prepping, I go!

Your friends and/or co-workers would describe you as …
You would have to ask them, but I would hope they would describe me as someone who is hard-working, reliable, and full of energy and enthusiasm!

Five things that are always in your purse or bag?
Book or Kindle (you don't read in line at the grocery store?)
Toothbrush and toothpaste (just in case!)

If you could be inside one person’s head for a day, whose would it be?
What a question! Probably J.K. Rowling’s head because I would give a whole heck of a lot to have that kind of creativity.

Do you have a secret talent?
I can bake? That’s not really a secret, though. I can recite almost every single line from She’s the Man. Seriously.

What’s your favorite song right now?
Hey Lady by The New Velvet. I can’t stop listening to it! Shout out to Spotify Discover Weekly for putting me onto that one.

Who inspires you the most?
It’s about as cliché as they come, but really and truly my students. They inspire me to get up in the morning and be the best that I can be so that they can be the best versions of themselves. They’re all so incredibly smart and talented in so many different ways and I love getting to know them as their English teacher.

Your most glamorous night out consisted of …
My most glamorous night? Probably Sweet Sixteen my sophomore year of high school. I had my absolute dream dress on, and had everything from my hair to my nails to my make-up done. It was truly a magical evening with all of my very best friends.

The fact that I'm even sharing this photo ... circa 2008
On your day off, or in your free time, you’re most likely …
Reading or writing.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Either superhuman endurance or superhuman speed. Superhuman endurance would mean I could knock everything off of my never-ending to-do list without getting tired, and superhuman speed would get me that Boston Qualifying time!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Dark chocolate. Always.

Where’s your favorite place to travel/vacation?
I fell in love with South America when I went to Argentina last summer, and I’m hoping to make Peru (Machu Picchu!!) my next international destination.

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Probably Ryan Reynolds. Or Kyle Chandler. Texas Forever, man.

Coach Taylor is coach goals (Source)
The one trend that you think should never, EVER come back is …
Oh man, there are so many trends from my childhood that make me cringe. But I’m going to go with gaucho pants. 

See y'all next go around!

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