Monday, December 29, 2014

Student Quotes

Two days in a row. I’m on a roll. But, what else is there really to do? I’ve been sleeping in later and later each day – the real world wears you out, and setting an alarm doesn’t sound very appealing – and I need to feel like I’m doing something productive.

I did manage to finish a 400+ page book this morning (yes, that I started just two nights ago) – it was a very quick, dumb little read, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I may have majored in English, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good “beach read” every now and again. Anyway, football in Texas is always something I can get behind, even if the school in this book had a big rivalry against my very own Longhorns. Hook ‘em Horns, by the way! I’m hoping Charlie Strong will get to bring home a final 2014 victory, before rocking 2015 with all of these new recruits we’ve locked up.
I also went for a run around my neighborhood, followed by some very pointless wandering of the Houston Galleria. I made zero purchases, but there are quite a few good sales out there. I followed up my shopping expedition with lunch at the new Whole Foods on Post Oak, where I enjoyed a delicious salad filled with lots of protein and veggies. I also stocked up on a few ingredients for a new recipe that will hopefully be making an appearance on the blog sometime tomorrow. It’s not a Kelli original, but it should be delicious (and dairy-free!) nonetheless.

And for a little end-of-the-year humor (because who doesn’t need some of that with the post-Christmas sadness?), here are the top 10 best quotes from my students in the fall semester of 2014. Many of them are face-palmers, some are sweet, some border on inappropriate, but I guarantee all of them will make you laugh, or at least smile. So, without further ado:

10. “Miss, your eyebrows are on fleek!”
Once I received this compliment, I knew I had made it.
9. “My favorite character is Katniss because she is very brave and very hot.”
I asked my reading students to tell me who their favorite character was, and why, in the book that they were reading, and this particular student had a thing for Katniss from The Hunger Games. Can’t blame him, to be honest.
8. We were reading The Odyssey, and I was talking about how money can’t buy love. One student responds with, “Yes it can! You can buy strippers, and that’s love!”
7. Thunder sounded one day, and we were experiencing quite the rain and thunderstorm. A student asked me, “Can I go home? My hair don’t like this weather.”
6. A fellow teacher walked into my room and asked a student, “Oh, your teacher isn’t here yet?” This isn’t uncommon – I am often mistaken for a student. But this time a dear student of mine replied, “I know, she’s too cute to be a teacher, isn’t she?” I won’t lie, I was flattered.
5. Because I teach both reading and English, I have some of the same students twice a day. I have one student first period, and then again fourth period. He wasn’t in first, but he sauntered into fourth. When I asked him where he was, he said, “You know I was hitting up Chick [Fil-A] for the free breakfast.”
4. Again, while reading The Odyssey, a student remarked, “See, you women just marry us for our money.”
They learn the ways of the world early.
3. Please, just Urban Dictionary what ‘THOT’ means. And as a student advised me, “DON’T say that in reference to your mother!”
2. When I asked a student where she had been the day before she replied, “Oh, I was getting my hair done!”
Thanks for the honesty.
1. And finally, while taking an exam over The Odyssey, a student asked me this, “Miss, is Odysseus a boy or a girl?”
And I thought I was doing an okay job.
Like I said, my students constantly keep me on my toes, and while they frustrate me to no end sometimes, they also keep me laughing, and remind me that I truly, truly love my job.

Until tomorrow, and Hook ‘em Horns!  


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