Monday, March 17, 2014

Billion Dollar Bracket

Happy Monday! What started off as a cold, cold morning here in Austin turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. It's still a little bit chilly for my liking, but we are supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow, so I guess I can deal with a few more hours of cold weather.

Today was my first day back from spring break, and I am not going to lie, when my alarm sounded at 5:39am, I was not necessarily feeling like hitting the gym. However, I knew I would feel better once I did, so I sleepily changed into shorts and a t-shirt and completed this 45-minute treadmill workout. I am almost ashamed to admit that I haven't run since last Friday (as in, March 7th), so my legs were falling a little bit behind on those speeds, but I managed to keep up and finish out the 5.4 miles strong.

I went home to shower and get ready for school, and I am also not going to lie and say that I was eager to get back up to Westwood today. That break was just so nice, but once I got there, I was happy to be there. Like I said yesterday, we are starting to read A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I am planning to put the students in some fun costumes to get them into the spirit of the play. I am sure the boys will be so eager to wear glittery fairy wings! And I got to ease myself back into the school schedule as I left a couple of hours early to take something over to the Round Rock Administration Office to finally solidify my substitute teacher status. It's about time!

March Madness

Now I am just relaxing until I leave for YoungLife tonight, but my whole reason for this post is to talk about the excitement that is March Madness. I love March Madness, and I love creating my bracket, though it always ends up getting so busted. This year, however, I'm feeling really good about my picks. I was a little bit heartbroken to see that Texas and Duke would have to duke it out in order to advance, but I don't even have Texas going far enough to meet them. Oops. I consulted a few outside sources before finalizing my picks, but I think I have picked the billion dollar bracket. I'm kidding, of course, but I'm hoping to do a little bit better than I did last year.

I was pretty back and forth on a few of the picks, as UNC and Syracuse are never teams to take lightly, and there were just a few match-ups that could really go either way. I also tried to pick a couple of upsets because they happen every year, but I often just look foolish when the 4 seed tramples the 13 seed that I picked to upset. But no matter what happens, it's sure to be a fun few weeks!

Candy Madness

In addition to the real March Madness bracket, I stumbled upon this parody bracket that asks you to pick the winning candy. I filled it out according to my own preferences, and after a lot of back and forth, I picked Nestle Crunch to be the winner. It just has such a good crunch flavor, you know?

Disclaimer: I filled this out according to my likes and preferences prior to becoming lactose intolerant. I realize that I can no longer eat a lot of these candies, but chocolate will trump regular candy almost every single time in my book (clearly).

I love filling out these fun brackets, so if you come across anymore of them, please send them my way! And have a fabulous rest of your Monday!

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