Sunday, July 13, 2014

Last Weekend: Part One

And I am back, just blogging away as I watch the World Cup Finals. I think I'm rooting for Argentina, though I do think that Germany will come away victorious. And let's just remember that we only lost to Germany by one goal. But whatever the outcome, I will just be sad to see it end. I will admit that I am not the biggest soccer fan around, but I have sure enjoyed catching some of these games!

But I promised you guys a recap of my weekend, and it was a wonderful weekend filled with some of the most excellent food. So, let's just right in, shall we?

La Fonda San Miguel

If you remember my Summer 2014 To-Do List, this was not on it. But I had heard of this place, and even wanted to take Dylan, but reservations at a normal dinner hour are relatively hard to come by. Because La Fonda San Miguel is sort of an upscale Mexican restaurant, we decided to substitute it in place of La Condesa, another upscale Mexican restaurant. After looking more closely at La Condesa's menu, we decided that it wasn't really our style. So though this restaurant wasn't on the original list, I'm still crossing something off!

Anyway, we made reservations for 9pm on Friday night (like I said, reservations during the normal dinner hour are hard to come by), and arrived at the restaurant just before 9pm. It is sort of hidden away, and you might not see it unless you know it's there. I liked that, and I think it only added to its charm. I don't even know how to describe this restaurant, but it had a very unique atmosphere that became evident upon the first step inside the building. I loved it, and it was very different from any of my usual restaurant choices.

We started off by ordering drinks - their famous Silvercoin (watermelon margarita that was more like a martini) for me, and a Cuba Libre for Dylan. The waiter wasn't lying when he recommended the Silvercoin to me - it was delicious, and had just the right amount of alcohol in it.

His & hers
For our appetizer we went with the Tostadas Compuestas Surtidas (with the cheese on the side), which was three small tostadas, one topped with chicken, one topped with guacamole, and one topped with cochinita pibil (pulled pork shoulder). I love pork, so I had that one for myself, letting Dylan go at the other two. I was very impressed with the tostadas, and would absolutely recommend them as an appetizer.

For our main meals, I opted for the Camarones Adobados, which is adobe-crusted shrimp over corn tortillas filled with rajas (sliced Poblano peppers), topped with a chipotle-black bean sauce. It was excellent, and though I thought I wasn't really that hungry, I ate every bite (really out of the ordinary, I know).

Dylan went for the evening's special - the Chimichanga, and also cleaned his plate, remarking that he just "loves things that are fried." He's alone with that sentiment, but I'll take his word for this one!

And though I was pretty much stuffed, we weren't about to pass up dessert at a place like this. Because I wasn't incredibly hungry, I told Dylan not to worry about ordering something dairy-free. The Mango con Helado de Coco caught his eye, and once we were told that grilled mango topped the ice cream, we were sold. Even I could enjoy some of the grilled mango, and from the few bites that I had, I could tell it was delicious. There is just something about grilled fruit that tastes so good to me.

We went back to Dylan's and hung out there for a little while with his brother, taking BuzzFeed quizzes and playing Sudoku, before calling it a night just before midnight, knowing we had quite the full day ahead of us.

I headed home and went straight to bed, waking up right around 8:30am. I did a little more packing (tear), before Dylan came to get me just before 10am so that we could enjoy a most delicious breakfast.

The Carillon

For those of you who read my blog with any regularity, you already know that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Dylan isn't the biggest breakfast fan, but when he had breakfast with his dad at The Carillon, located within the AT&T Conference Center, he was converted, and he promised that he would take me sometime before I moved back home.

Yesterday was the day, and I am so glad that we got the chance to go. My work schedule didn't make breakfast very possible, unless we wanted to get there at 6:45am, and a big breakfast was just what we needed to fuel ourselves for an afternoon hike. But more on that to come.

On Dylan's recommendation, I opted for the buffet, which was easily the best breakfast deal I have ever experienced. In addition to the full buffet, which included yogurt, cereal, fruit, toast, taco fixings, sausage, eggs, oatmeal, and smoothies, you also had the option to order pancakes, waffles, or an omelet.

For our first round through the line, I snagged a smoothie (I want to say it was of the strawberry-banana variety), filled a bowl with yogurt and granola, and loaded my plate up with fruit. Pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, and watermelon, oh my!

It was a good thing I was hungry, because there was so much good food to be eaten. For my second round through the buffet line, I picked up two pork sausage links, toasted an English muffin, and topped it with strawberry preserves. This plate wasn't quite as pretty as my first, but it was equally as tasty.

All of that in our stomachs, we headed back to my house so that we could change, stock up on some road trip snacks, and head out to cross yet another item off of my list.

And because this post has already been a novel, I'll continue on with the rest of the weekend's activities in a second post. Stay tuned, and check back in a little bit for the second part of my weekend!

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