Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zocalo Cafe

Happy Tuesday! I don't have much to report on the fun things front, as I spent much of yesterday working and packing up my room. How I have so much stuff, I will never know. And where it is all going to go in my Houston house, I really don't know. I think I'm nearly finished, though, and I'm hoping to get almost everything else packed up this evening so that tomorrow I can enjoy my last evening in Austin, but we won't go there quite yet!

And because these are my last few days in Austin, I will make these last few posts very Austin-y for you guys, and I have a new restaurant to share with y'all today. I grew very nostalgic, and I haven't even left yet, when my mom asked me to make a list of restaurants to take to her boss at work, who is going to be in Austin the first few days of August, because there are just so many incredible restaurants here. Not that we have any shortage of good restaurants in Houston, and I am so excited to go out and find them. But before I get to the new restaurant, let's talk our usual exercise and breakfast.


This morning started out bright and early with another 6am Pure Barre workout. I took this same class last week and I loved the instructor, so I knew it was going to be worth the early morning wake-up call. I was right, and I have to brag on myself for getting through almost the entire thigh portion without breaking form. Almost. My legs were shaking like crazy, but I managed to fight through it!


Breakfast is the same as it always is - scrambled egg whites and spinach topped with salsa. I'm trying to finish off what all is in my refrigerator (not going to happen) before I leave, so I don't see much variety happening here. And that's fine with me, because it sure is a tasty breakfast option.

Zocalo Cafe

I might have mentioned last week that my mom came up on Thursday to help load some boxes into her car to take back to Houston with her, to lighten my load when I make the trip home this Thursday. Before we started the packing process, however, we needed a little bit of fuel. On a recommendation from Katie, we headed over to Zocalo Cafe, a Mexican restaurant that is in the same family as one of my very favorite restaurants - Galaxy Cafe.

I immediately noticed the similarities between the two, so I had a pretty good feeling that I would really enjoy Zocalo. I wasn't wrong, and after much deliberation, because so many items on the menu sounded great, I went with the classic chicken fajita tacos, subbing a side salad for the rice and beans.

Dylan had the Chicken Burrito,

and my mom decided on the Nachos Extravagante, adding on some ground turkey.

We agreed that not only did everything taste wonderful, but it made a wonderful presentation. All of the food was very picture-worthy, which you know is important to me. Two thumbs up, for sure. We enjoyed a wonderful meal talking basketball (of course), before heading back to my house and loading up my mom's car pretty darn effectively. My mom left shortly after we finished loading her car, and Dylan, his brother, and I left a few hours later.

And though we didn't eat this on Thursday, it's been a while since I've mentioned any frozen yogurt on the blog, so I'll talk about Wednesday night's dessert - frozen yogurt from The Yogurt Spot.

We were dropping some friends off at a concert at Stubb's, so we were not only in the area, but I also had a Yogurt Spot gift card that was begging to be used. Unsurprisingly, we went over the $10 limit, but a couple extra dollars for some delicious frozen yogurt is never a bad deal.

His and her fro-yo
I went with a combination of sweet and tart - combining chocolate, cookies 'n' cream, Granny Smith apple, and raspberry - and topped it with some sliced fruit. If it has fruit, it's healthy, right?

And that's all I have for you right now, though I might be back with another post later today if I'm feeling ambitious! Have a great Tuesday!

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