Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hi from Houston! I guess I better get used to that, right? I apologize for my lack of posts these past few days, but I have been busy, busy, busy ever since I got home. From freshman volleyball camp to unpacking and cleaning out my room so that it can be painted to a few Pure Barre classes here and there to catching up with some of my Houston friends to HISD New Teacher Orientation, there hasn't been much time for anything else! I'm already feeling pretty tired, but I always find that I am significantly more tired after sitting all day than if I were to be moving around all day. Go figure!

I'll do a more thorough post on Thursday, but just know that I have officially traded in my green for red,

and come August 25th, I am officially going to be in charge of some little ninth grade humans. Who decided that would be a good idea?

Yesterday's orientation sessions were a little bit more exciting than today's (I may or may not have snuck out early), but I know in the long run that it is going to be good for me to have attended this. Plus, I'm already halfway done, so what's two more 8.5 hour days, right?

It's crazy, but when I was standing in the gym at Bellaire High School on Saturday, it really hit me that this is my life now. I am an English teacher and volleyball coach living in Houston, Texas. I can no longer identify myself as a student, which might be why I felt a little bit like a lost puppy just a couple of weeks ago. Being a student is the only thing I've ever known. And while I certainly don't have anything figured out, and I know that I am going to miss that college lifestyle from time to time, as well as the life that I had established in Austin, everything happening in my life right now just feels right. So even though some days are absolutely going to be harder than others, I can rest in the fact that I am where I am supposed to be. And that's the sweetest truth of all.

Hopefully I'll be back with you guys tomorrow, but I make no promises! Bear with me when it comes to this little blog - I promise I'm not going to give up on it!

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