Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two Songs

Happy Hump Day, Waffle Cone Wednesday, and Day Nine of the Ten Day You Challenge (I'm really dragging this one out, aren't I?). I'll start with the normal workout and breakfast before starting in on the penultimate post of the Ten Day You Challenge.


After work yesterday I made a very quick stop by my house to grab leggings and a tanktop so that I would be properly dressed for another Pure Barre class. It's hard to fathom wearing tight leggings in almost 100 degree weather, but there are some exercises that require using either a ball or a single or double tube between or around your thighs, and it is much easier to grip when wearing yoga pants than if you were to wear shorts.

This was my third barre class, and a dancer I am not, but each class gets better and better for me. The workout is so hard for me, but I absolutely love the total-body workout, and this might be the first exercise class I've ever taken where I'm not shocked at how slow time is moving. And yesterday's thigh sequence was just a little bit easier for me (though I still had to take quick breaks, of course), so who knows, maybe I'm already getting stronger!


Today's breakfast is back to normal. I have to admit, that smoothie I made yesterday just wasn't my favorite. It wasn't the flavor combination, but it was the fact that I didn't include either frozen fruit nor ice that would have given it that extra oomph. It's hard to drink a smoothie that isn't truly cold, so I couldn't even finish half of it. So today's breakfast featured my usual egg whites and spinach, and I happily ate every bite.

Two Songs

This is another difficult day of the Ten Day You Challenge. How in the world am I supposed to pick two songs out of the millions I've ever heard? I decided to pick one of my all-time favorite songs,

and one of my recent favorite songs,


I could go on and on and on about more of my favorite songs, but for the sake of staying true to this challenge, I'll just leave you with those two for now. Have a great Wednesday!

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