Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sorry, I Can't; I Have Volleyball

If you had asked me for my six-word memoir at any point during my high school career, this is what I would have given you. Volleyball was my life, and I was happy to have it that way. I loved the game, I loved the people I played with, and it taught me more than I realized at the time. Though it certainly wasn't without sacrifice. And if you ask me for my six-word memoir from August to November, this is what I will give you. Because my second season as a coach is already in full swing. And I love the game of volleyball with every part of my heart. I jump at any chance to play, rarely will I turn down an opportunity to coach (or learn!), and though it's a most time-consuming commitment, I don't regret my decision for a second.

But let me back up a little bit. I gave up a lot when I played volleyball. It wasn't as noticeable to me during the high school season, because all of my best friends were on the court right beside me. Volleyball was my social life, and if I ever did miss out on anything, my best friends missed out on it, too. But when club season rolled around, I gave up three days a week (including FRIDAY nights!) and three weekends a month to volleyball. And on those nights, it was three-and-a-half hours of training. And on those weekends, it was four+ matches. It was a lot, and I became accustomed to missing out on school dances, birthday dinners, weekend trips, Young Life, and quite a bit more, because I had practice or another tournament, or something volleyball-related. "Sorry, I can't; I have volleyball" was a very real excuse.

I thought seriously about playing club ball in college, but I decided that I was kind of tired of volleyball interfering with the other parts of my life. I did my time, I loved it, but I wanted the full college experience. And I feel as though I got it. And I thought the old "Sorry, I can't; I have volleyball" excuse had also done its time. 

Well, fast forward a few years, and I found myself making this exact sentiment when Amira and Lindsay asked me to join them on a long weekend in Boulder. As much as I would love to spend an August weekend hiking and camping, not only is it the first week of school, but it's also volleyball season, and missing days isn't really an option. We have games on Tuesday and Friday nights, and practice on the days that we don't play. Add in marathon training, and I don't have a whole lot of extra free time. Sometimes I have to say no to things. And other times my days are typically so scheduled that when I do get a little bit of free time, I choose to say no to things. And last year I beat myself up over that. I tried to do everything. And I ended up wearing myself down to my breaking point. So sometimes, I think saying no is okay.

Because these girls are worth my time
I think what I'm trying to get across in this blog post is the message that this little blog of mine is more than likely going to take a hit this volleyball season. Did anyone catch that pun? Life is hectic and crazy and busy, and not only am I coaching in all the spare time that I've got, but my first title is that of a teacher. And the fall tends to be a bit on the hectic side. There's new students to figure out, getting used to waking up early and getting home late, a routine to get back into. And while I thrive in the busy season, and I'm much more productive when I've got a packed schedule, I am human, and sometimes I just can't.

Sometimes I can't post because I have to teach all day at school, and then I have to run volleyball practice, and then I have to workout, and then I have to grade papers or create a PowerPoint or maybe, just maybe, spend the little bit of free time that I do have engaging in some of the other hobbies that I so enjoy doing - reading or walking or baking, or simply spending time sans a computer. So, I simply ask that you bear with me throughout these next few months. I don't plan on completely neglecting the blog like I did last volleyball season, but my posts will certainly be fewer and farther between. I'm hoping to find just the right balance, because blogging truly does bring me so much joy. But if I'm MIA for a couple of weeks days on end, I promise I'll be back! And stay tuned for a quick and sweaty workout coming soon!


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