Monday, August 3, 2015

Three Rounds Upperbody Superset

Hey, hey, hey! I'm sitting down to post in between tryout sessions today, so this post is sure to be on the shorter side. But I couldn't resist sharing this upperbody workout, that was inspired by this upperbody workout and this upperbody workout from Peanut Butter Fingers. If you guys have been reading my blog with any regularity, you know that workouts of the upperbody variety are typically the first to be put on the backburner. Strength training at all is not something I'm diligent about, though I know very well how beneficial it is. So while I was certainly feeling the burn during this upperbody-focused workout, I also enjoyed the challenge.

And as always, let me explain myself. I completed three rounds of each "group," before moving onto the next one. Meaning, I did 10 pushups, followed by 15 chest press, and 30 seconds of jump rope, three times, before moving onto the bicep and hammer curls. It worked my muscles to fatigue, but after three rounds, I was done. And I was in and out of the gym in under half an hour, so this would be a good workout to have on hand for when you're short on time. The focus is obviously on the strength portion, but you get a little bit of cardio thrown into the mix as well. And if you weren't feeling the jump rope, you could easily substitute mountain climbers, tuck jumps, burpees, stairs, high knees, or any other form of cardio that you please. The perfect workout for when you're not really feeling the gym, because this one is over before you even realize it.

And I'm off to squeeze in a mini nap so I can go into round two of tryouts feeling refreshed and ready. Here we go!

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