Monday, December 21, 2015

Love Life List

Just some Monday morning alliteration for your reading enjoyment. And hopefully something that gets your week started off on the right note. I got the idea from an Austin blogger named Susie Davis, who says she started these Love Life lists years ago. The concept is simple, really. She opens to the next blank page in her journal, puts the date at the top, and numbers the page from 1-25. Next to each number she writes one thing she loves about her life. She describes it a very settling exercise, one that forces her to focus on the good in her life, as opposed to harping on the things she doesn't have. You guys know that I am a huge fan of lists, and I love spending time thinking about what it is that is bringing me joy that day. Because while not every day may not be great, there is something great in every day.

Like goodbye kisses from this one

1. walks with sweet Mack

2. a guardian angel in Granny

3. shorts in December
4. roommate reunions

5. leaf piles
6. sleeping in
7. chocolate for breakfast
8. time to read

9. football Sundays
10. Mount Bonnell

11. co-workers
12. green smoothies

13. A Charlie Brown Christmas
14. Christmas break
15. running

16. oversized long-sleeve t-shirts
17. KSBJ Christmas texts
18. warm blankets
19. Felipe's Muscle Blast class
20. morning bike rides

21. Town Lake

22. baking Christmas treats

23. windows-down weather
24. forgiveness
25. personalized notes

I encourage you all to make a love life list - there's no way you can be in a bad mood after reflecting on the things that have made you smile recently. Have a great Monday!

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