Sunday, September 1, 2013

National Healthy Breakfast Month

Another month come and gone. September is one of my favorite months, and though you probably feel as though I say this about every month, it really is one of my favorites because September brings us the official start of fall. It may not feel like fall in Texas until, well, ever, but I love fall because not only does it mean the return of football season, it also means fall recipes and (maybe) cooler weather and pretty leaves and the excitement of the upcoming Christmas season. What could be better?

Going off of our September theme, I got an email the other day saying that September is National Healthy Breakfast Month, so I am hoping this will inspire me to actually try out some new healthy breakfast recipes. As I've mentioned before, breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day, and as interesting as egg whites are, I could definitely spice things up a bit with some new recipes.


And today I did just that. Sunday mornings are for pancakes, right? Carrots 'n' Cake 3-Ingredient Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, that is.

I used a Perfect Pancake Pan to make these pancakes, because I have a bit of a pancake flipping problem. I shouldn't have this problem, because my dad is a pro pancake flipper, and he has tried to teach me the art of pancake flipping multiple times, but my pancakes never end up being very picture worthy, and as that is obviously a very important part of my meals, the Perfect Pancake Maker was a necessary investment. I thought the Perfect Pancake Pan did an excellent job with the pancakes, and I absolutely recommend it. There was minimal spillage, and it was really easy to clean up. Plus, it made some pretty near perfect pancakes. What more can you ask for in a kitchen appliance?

The pancakes tasted delicious, and I topped them with a little bit of peanut butter and sliced strawberries. It was a very filling breakfast, though these pancakes did take a little bit of work. You have to chop up the apple and put it through the food processor before you even think about putting them on the pan. I would only recommend making these if you have a lot of time in the morning - definitely a weekend breakfast!


After finishing off my pancakes and cleaning up around the kitchen a little bit, I changed and headed down to join the rest of Austin at Town Lake. I walked my favorite three-mile loop, and because I got back to my car at exactly 11:18am, and I was parked in the Austin High School parking lot anyway, I decided to attend the 11:15am church service at Austin Stone. Maybe not my best decision in terms of presentability, but I managed to snag a seat in the back of the gym, and I didn't run into anyone I know. Phew!

After coming home from church, I ate a little snack of carrots and hummus while waiting for Dylan to come over to, one, put the finishing touches on one of my kitchen decorations, and two, make another journey to Home Depot so he could make this really cool cinderblock bench for his room. It may not match the decor in Suite 1, but the color scheme works well in his.

After the construction of his bench, and a little trip to Thundercloud Subs for a sandwich, I biked over to Gregory to get in a good swim. I managed to snag a lane all to myself for a majority of the swim, and I had myself a really great workout. After two days of pretty intense running, a relaxing swim was just what my body was craving. Plus, I don't think I could have asked for a more beautiful afternoon.

And now I'm off to cook some dinner. Have a great Labor Day if you are lucky enough to have it off. I know that I'm pretty thankful for a three-day weekend to ease myself back into the swing of the whole school thing. Now there's no excuse for falling behind! And, how about them Longhorns?

Shout out to Dylan for this photo

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