Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Egg White Scramble

Another day, another new and healthy breakfast. I'm really taking this switch-up-my-breakfast thing seriously. Which makes for some fun Instagram pictures, and a very happy stomach. And my stomach was more than ready for a filling breakfast after a mile and a half swim at Gregory Gym this morning.

The star of this breakfast dish is my usual scrambled egg whites, but it looks a little different than usual. This recipe was inspired by this recipe, but because I can't have cheese, and I don't really like cheese with my eggs anyway, I substituted spinach for cheese.

  • 3 liquid egg whites
  • 1/4 cup black beans
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 3 tbsp salsa
  • Pepper
1. Rinse and drain black beans
2. Scramble egg whites and black beans in a frying pan over medium heat, adding in the spinach when the egg whites start to form a solid
3. Top with salsa and pepper (if desired)
4. Enjoy!

And it's really as easy as that. A healthy and delicious breakfast to fuel a non-stop four and a half hour school day. Which doesn't seem like much, until you take into account that one of my classes is three hours in length, and after that's over, I have to high-tail it all the way across campus, making it to my 12:30pm class just in the nick of time.

And I am now officially introducing Tennis Skirt Tuesday to you guys. When Katie and I were at the Domain a couple of weeks ago, we wandered into Dick's Sporting Goods and couldn't help but notice just how cute the sporty tennis skirts were. It doesn't take much for me to be talked into buying something sporty and athletic, so here we are, on a Tuesday, sporting our tennis skirts with our actual tennis playing roommate, Jamie Lynn. Tennis Skirt Tuesday - join in on the trend!

Tennis Skirt Tuesday and Tower Tuesday 

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