Monday, September 30, 2013


I honestly can't believe that I am sitting here on the last day of September writing this blog post. Where has the time gone? September has been a wonderful month, full of new experiences (and restaurants), but I am so excited for October. I think October is my favorite month weather-wise, and the fact that I have a trip to San Francisco on the horizon makes it that much more exciting. There are only 18 days to takeoff, and though my training was hindered a bit due to being plagued by an unforeseen sickness this weekend, I came back as strong as ever with an awesome six-mile run through Mueller Park this morning after my 9am class. I was hoping to get in nine miles this weekend, but I was not about to push myself and make myself feel even worse. Hopefully I can squeeze nine miles into this weekend, but we'll see! Maybe I have a little too much confidence going into this race, but I am also planning on really trying to enjoy the atmosphere (and scenery) of this race, as opposed to going for a new PR.

But let's back up a little bit. Last night I signed off by saying I was making my first Whole Foods trip of the semester to meet a friend for dinner. That friend was Hanna, who I was an RA with at SRD two years ago, and she had never before been to the wonder that is Whole Foods until I took her one time during our sophomore year. Since then, we always hit up Whole Foods for our dinner dates, and last night was no exception. I never know what I am going to get upon walking into Whole Foods, as everything always looks and smells so good, but last night I went with one of my go-to's: the salmon and vegetable meal. I had grilled salmon, broccoli, and asparagus, and I ate every last bite while Hanna and I sat on the roof, filling one another in on our crazy semesters. It was the perfect weather, and so great to catch up with her.

After dinner at Whole Foods, I made the quickest stop by Dylan's house before splitting up to go to YoungLife team meetings, and he introduced me to one of my new favorite apples: the Sweetango. I saw this apple at the grocery store on Friday, and it caught my eye because it resembled a honeycrisp apple, which if you have been reading this blog with any kind of consistency, you have probably picked up on the fact that I love honeycrisp apples, and I think their higher price is more than worth it. Upon further inspection, I read that this apple is a cross between the honeycrisp and zestar apple, but I was still pretty hesitant to try it because the last time an apple made the claim that it was similar to honeycrisp, it let me down. Apple trust issues.

Anyway, Dylan convinced me to try the sweetango apple last night, and I was immediately impressed. It was both juicy and tart, which is just what I like about honeycrisp apples. It prompted me to make a quick trip by Central Market to pick up a couple of my own for the week, and I had one today, with peanut butter, of course, and it did not disappoint. I am always on the lookout for the perfect apple, and the sweetango has officially made my list.

And I wish I could say that I was productive once I returned to my house, but I wasted a little bit of time, knowing that I had plenty of time on Monday to be productive, due to the fact that I had the day off from going to Westwood. As much as I love being in the classroom, it has been so nice having a little bit of extra time to go for a longer run, work on homework, do my laundry, and prepare dinner for the week. And, write this blog post!

Now, I must return to the homework scene, as I have a paper due Friday, and my first test of the semester tomorrow. Since I have YoungLife club tonight, that cuts out a few hours, but it's certainly more fun than studying! Have a great Monday, and I'll see you guys in October!

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