Friday, May 15, 2015

Things I'm Loving XXXIV

And it's already time for another round of Things I'm Loving. But before I get started, I have to take a moment to be a little bit sentimental. One year ago this very weekend, I graduated from the best university in the world. And I grew a little more nostalgic with each "last day of school" post I saw on Instagram, because it's surreal to me that that was me just one year ago. I was getting ready to cross the stage - sad about turning the page on such a sweet chapter, but so excited for (and okay, a little unsure of) the chapter ahead of me. Here's to my real world freshman year, because it has certainly been a great one.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to our regularly scheduled events.

Dear Graduates
Going with our sentimental theme, here's A Message from Kid President. I love this kid. In fact, I showed one of my classes a video of his just the other day. And while I am still partial to the message delivered by Admiral McRaven, I think this one is a close second. Graduation is both exciting and bittersweet, and Kid President reminds us that life is like a really good sandwich. It's all how you make it. So fill your life with the good stuff, people. And go be awesome.

Our Spare Change
Talk about a cool business. Our Spare Change was started by two sisters, as they turned their excess coins into handmade jewelry. Of course, these pieces crafted from coins, they say the joy in their business comes through in storytelling. Every coin has a story, because when you think about it, coins have been all over the world and back again. And it's cool to think about the journey it has been on, and how it arrived at each place. The same way every person has a story, and it's cool to think about how we arrived at each place in our lives, so to speak. I ordered a custom long necklace, engraved with my very favorite bible verse - 1 Thessalonians 5:16 - "Be joyful always," - because I want it to serve as a constant reminder to me. While I don't think it's telling me that I have to always be happy, because quite frankly, that just isn't possible. But I think it's a sweet reminder that there is joy to be found in every circumstance, no matter how bad things may seem.

19 Secrets Teachers Won't Tell You
With the exception of number ten, this list is absolutely one hundred percent true. I do have favorites (and least favorites). My heart still pounds a little bit when I get called to my principal's office. Naturally, I snap pictures of some of the funniest responses I get on written assignments. I hear far more than my students realize, but I simply choose to remain oblivious. Sometimes, I take great pleasure in calling on the kid who I know isn't paying attention (though they don't seem to be too phased by it). And this semester especially, I've made it a priority to separate my school life from my personal life.

PRO Compression Socks
My shin splints are no secret, and while KT tape has been working like a dream in terms of my pain level, it's no match for the Houston humidity. But not much is. So when I received an email from Active Advantage, with the subject line 40% Off Marathon Socks, I didn't delete it right away. If you're at all into running, you have probably seen people wearing bright-colored socks up to their knees. It brings me back to my middle school volleyball days, really, but that's a story for a different post. Anyway, I did a quick Google search, and while there's no real proven evidence, many people reported having success with Compression Socks. And with 40% off, why the heck not? So, I ordered myself a pair, went for a run the day they came in the mail, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I had absolutely no shin pain, and while I don't know if I can attribute that fully to the socks, or to the fact that I'm taking a little bit better care of my body, but I'm officially a fan.

NOTE: Take 40% off your total order with the code RACE
Audio Device Connector
I have the curse of a 2005 car. And while I love my car - dented roof and all - it's missing two important elements. It is just past the cassette tape days, but not quite to the auxiliary cord era. Meaning, there is no easy way for me to hook my iPhone up to my car, so that I can play the tunes that I want, when I want. First World Problem if I've ever heard one. But when you're flipping between seven stations and all you hear are commercials and talk shows, an audio connector is much appreciated. So, I was at Walgreens just the other day when I came across this audio connector. And I've tried many of these devices, and all of them have failed me in some way. This time, though, I've found one that seems to work. And when I left school the other day feeling like I wanted to cry - or at the very least, find a new job - I was more than happy to plug in my favorite songs and rock out the whole way home.

Blue Bell Strong
I am sure you are all aware by now that Blue Bell has recently hit a Rocky Road. And I'm not turning my back on them. Because I will always remain loyal to Blue Bell. In fact, I think they are handling this situation with grace, class, and humility. Blue Bell does a lot for its community, and it's something people miss when they leave the country. In fact, one of the dorm moms at SRD said she packed an entire suitcase full of Blue Bell when she went to live in Romania. So, I can't help but smile when I'm running, biking, or walking through my neighborhood and I see signs in people's yards that on one side read, "God Bless Blue Bell," and "Come and Take It" on the other. You don't mess with these ice cream lovers. 

Post Blue Bell Fun Run
Have a fabulous Friday. My penultimate Friday (with students). Wahoo!

*Sorry this post didn't come as early as it usually does - blogger wasn't working for me at school this morning!


  1. UGH. Shin splints! So bad I remember standing at the sink (on New Year's Eve) and sobbing because of the pain!
    Do not recall how I got them, though it was likely from to much tennis. Ice, Ibuprofen and elevation are my go-tos when it's really bad. It's gotten better the more I run. I picked up calf compression sleeves and they seemed to help a lot too.
    Lots of contrast soaks (hot tub of water, towels in the freezer) did the trick. I found this useful tip at It is worth it!

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