Monday, May 18, 2015

Five Rounds

Happy Monday! I really tried hard to come to school today with a positive attitude, committed to not letting one word of complaint come out of my mouth. There are only eight days of school left, and I get an entire summer to do whatever it is that I please, so it’s a little ridiculous that I would spend my time complaining. Especially when many of my friends are experiencing their first year without a real summer. However, upon walking into the building, I was hit with a wave of hot air. And it only got worse as I climbed the stairs. In fact, it was so hot that the walls and the desks were moist, my papers were corrugating, and I had a lot of unhappy students, though I was proud of them for continuing to work despite the lack of air conditioning.
Were they torture for the two of you?
I was especially frustrated because it had already taken me so long to cool down after this morning’s sweaty workout. Which I will of course share with you in a minute. I realized why – aside from the fact that it’s hard to get myself out of bed in the four o’clock hour – I no longer workout before school. I have mentioned this before, but when I work out, I sweat. For the life of me I can’t comprehend those people who can leave the gym looking like super models. Because I am a sweaty mess. And while I would love to cross a workout off my list before I left for school, I just can’t seem to cool down in a timely manner. This morning, even after taking a cold shower, my face was beet red and I was a sticky, sweaty mess. I had the air conditioning in my car on full blast, which is why I was so bummed when I got to school and the air conditioning was out. Add in the rain and the hallways were a mess. I’ve been told that every year around this time the AC goes out, so here’s to hoping we’ve got it all under control for the remainder of this year.

Moving onto the workout. The reason I woke up before the sun this morning to get in a workout is because after school I headed straight over to Memorial High School for the West Houston Open Gym volleyball scrimmages. This is actually where I met our head coach last year, and I loved having the opportunity to watch our potential varsity girls play, and I also loved getting to see quite a few of my former coaches - high school and club. But because I just arrived home, I wanted to make a workout my first completed task of the day. And have I got a good one for you guys. 

The stairs were by far the toughest part of this workout, but in all honesty, this entire workout consisted of exercises I don't exactly love, but for that reason are so, so good.

And that's all I've got. I'm about to go pass out, because it's certainly been a day!

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