Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stuck in Colder Weather

I don't know what the weather has been like where you are, but it is C-O-L-D here in Austin, Texas, and I am not really enjoying it. I have never been a huge fan of the cold weather, and it has been below freezing since Friday at 7pm, and then you have to add in the fact that our heater has been broken since Thursday, I have been cold to the bone ever since. Today has been a little bit better, and I finally feel like I have warmed up a bit.

This weekend has been a lot of laying around trying to stay warm, watching football, dealing with some unexpected car trouble (but isn't it always unexpected?), and preparing for my PPR certification exam that takes place tomorrow morning at 8am. And when I say preparing, I basically mean going back over practice tests and a few of the concepts like Piaget's stages of cognitive development and things associated with English Language Learners. I woke up this morning and went through everything one last time, and I am not looking at it again. I am not too stressed out about it, but I plan on getting a good night's sleep, eating a good breakfast (duh), and taking my time on the test. I have five hours to answer 100 questions, though I certainly don't anticipate it taking quite that long. The only thing that might throw me off is the fact that the test is taken on a computer, and I am very much a pen-and-paper kind of girl. I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Anyway, after going through all of my exam materials one last time, I shed my multiple layers in favor of Nike shorts and a t-shirt so I could hit the gym for a run. I created this 50-minute treadmill workout, and ended up completing just under six miles. 

Not too bad for someone who has had a lot of trouble getting motivated to do anything in this weather! And I promise I'm going to stop complaining about the weather, but I just had to get it out of my system. You've probably gathered by now that I much prefer the summer months. Or at least temperatures in the 50's!

After my run and a quick shower, I headed to Central Market to get a few things to last me through this next week (because this time next week I will be HOME!), and came home to eat lunch. I ate a nice hot bowl of my pineapple chicken and vegetable dish, topped with salsa of course, and as soon as I publish this post, I am off to run a few more errands before attending a 5:00 church service. 

And once I get home I think I'll either curl up with a book or a movie and go to sleep nice and early in preparation for my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck, and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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