Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Four Facts Survey

Happy Wednesday! Thanskgiving Eve, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day here in Houston. Sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s, and I could not be happier. Especially after sharing a delicious breakfast with Dylan this morning at The Egg and I. Delicious though it was, our time at the restaurant was one little mistake after another. We decided to cut them a break, as it was relatively busy while we were there. And even if we were forgotten about in our little secluded corner of the restaurant, nothing can beat cleaning my plate with him. Seriously. Every time we go out to eat we both have absolutely nothing left on our plates at the end of the meal.

Anyway, because I don’t have much more to report, I saw this survey posted on Julie’s blog over at Peanut Butter Fingers and though it’s not Sunday, and I’m fairly sure that I’ve filled this out before, I decided to complete this Four Facts Survey. I doubt my answers will be the same, and if they are, it’s fun to see that some things stay constant amidst change.

Four names that people call me other than my real name:

1. Kel
2. KT
3. KTom
4. Kelli Kat

Four jobs I’ve had:

1. Teacher
2. Volleyball coach
3. Resident Assistant
4. Volleyball scorekeeper

7/9 of the '11-'12 RA's
Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

1. She’s the Man
2. Remember the Titans
3. The Breakfast Club
4. Harry Potter (for some reason these movies are always better when it’s Harry Potter Weekend)

Four books I’d recommend:

2. Harry Potter (the entire series)

(And so many more, but I'm trying to stick to what the survey calls for)

Four places I’ve lived

1. Houston, TX
2. Austin, TX
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Bellaire High School (I kid, but during volleyball season I did spend more time at school than at home)

Miss that skyline on the reg
Four places I’ve visited (and want to revisit):

1. Maui, Hawaii
2. London, England
3. San Francisco, California
4. Telluride, Colorado

Four places I’d like to visit:

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
2. Interlaken, Switzerland (I’m dying to go canyon jumping!)
3. Alaska
4. Maine

Four things I prefer not to eat:

1. Cheese & Milk
2. Avocado (I love guacamole, but I’m not a huge avocado fan)
3. Applesauce (it’s a texture thing)
4. Mayonnaise

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Frozen yogurt
2. Salmon
3. Dark chocolate
4. Honeycrisp apples

Four TV shows I watch:

1. Boy Meets World
2. Friday Night Lights
3. Dancing With the Stars
4. Family Feud (guilty pleasure)

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

1. Friendswood Friendsgiving
2. Dylan’s 22nd birthday!
3. Christmas break, and Christmas-time in general
4. Wilchester mini-reunion

My first Friendswood Friendsgiving
Two girls I can't wait to catch up with!
Four stores I frequent:

1. Anthropologie
2. Target
3. Paper Source
4. Barnes and Noble (I heart books)

Four forms of exercise I enjoy:

1. Running
2. Swimming
3. Rollerblading
4. Walking

And on that note, I’m off to go enjoy the beautiful weather, and maybe get a head start on some of the schoolwork I need to accomplish this week. I always say that I’m going to finish it early so that I can enjoy the majority of the break, and then Sunday comes and I’m complaining about all of the work that I still have left to do. So, hopefully the next time I check in with you guys, I’ve accomplished much of what I want to accomplish! Have a great rest of your day, and I will be back tomorrow with a Thanksgiving post. 

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