Saturday, November 22, 2014

Old Factory Scented Soy Wax Candle Review

Happy Saturday! This post has unfortunately been a LONG time coming. It took me a long time to even respond to Rachel when she reached out to me in an email to do a review of her product - Old Factory Scented Soy Wax Candles. I of course wanted to do it, but I was feeling the pressure of school and volleyball and I just couldn’t find it in me to respond. Really great business tactics, I know.

Anyway, I finally responded to her saying that I would absolutely love to do the review if it was still open. Rachel promptly replied with instructions on how to receive my free candles, and I remember sitting in a classroom during my off period being torn in about three different directions over which package to select. I asked Dylan his opinion, and because we were just beginning to experience some fall weather, he told me that I should get “Fall Harvest.” I ended up agreeing with him, telling myself that if I liked them that much, I could always order more.
And it looks like I’ll be doing just that. I love candles, and I was excited for an excuse to try something different from my typical Volcano scent. So, I lit these candles during one of my many essay-grading sessions, and the combination of Cranberry, Pumpkin Spice, and Autumn Leaves made the process much less haunting. The smell permeated not only all throughout my room and the entire upstairs, but it wafted downstairs as well, causing my curious mom to wander upstairs to check out the cause of the holiday-esque smell.
Interestingly enough, I don’t love the smell of each of these scents on their own. But they all come together so nicely, and really make it feel like fall. Not that we were really struggling with that last week, but still. None of the scents, in my opinion, overpower another, and they all complement one another very well.

In addition to smelling wonderful, the presentation they make is just precious. From the box they come in, complete with a cute piece of cardstock listing off the scents, to the petite little candles themselves. Who knew something so small could produce such a powerful scent?


They would make the perfect gift, and really, there are scent themes that anyone can appreciate. For all of my coffee lovers, enter into your own personal Coffee Shop. For those of you who want to feel like you’re in a Spa without actually forking over the money to do so, treat yourself to some candles to help with that process. Winter is fast approaching, so harbor your own Winter Wonderland within your very own home. And even for the men who might be reading this, and feel that these themes are more on the feminine side, there’s even a theme for you: Man Cave.
What’s more is that these little candles claim to give you over 20 hours of burn time. And they are soy candles, meaning they burn clean. They’re easy to extinguish – you can either blow them out as you probably do with most candles, or you can simply screw the lid back onto the candles to extinguish the flame, and to keep your room free of any excess smoke from blowing out the candles. In my experience, however, because these candles are so small, I didn’t notice any smoke at all. Totally up to you!

And finally, as I mentioned on Friday, how can you turn down something so punny? Old Factory is such a play on words – the olfactory sense of smell – and for someone like myself who loves words, that’s another check in the yes column. So, if you haven’t concluded this by now, I would absolutely recommend these candles, and with the holiday season so quickly approaching, you might consider giving them as a gift to someone (or someones) on your list. You can follow this link to check out all of the different themes, and decide which one would make the perfect gift. And don’t feel bad about treating yourself to a set – we all deserve to be pampered every now and then, right? 

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