Sunday, November 2, 2014

What I'm Into Now

I’ll admit that I have not been keeping up very well with some of my most favorite blogs. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and read them! Or I have used my time in other ways, I suppose! Actually, I think it’s the fact that I felt so bad about neglecting my blog that I wanted to pretend others were doing the same. But I did run across this little survey on both Peanut Butter Finger’s blog and Carrots ‘n’ Cake’s blog, so I decided I had better do it too!. You know I love a good survey!

What I'm Into Now

Celebrity on Instagram
I am probably the least celebrity-invested person that I know. I’m interested in celebrity gossip when it’s told to me, but I won’t ever seek it out. After all of that, I’m sure it surprises you to learn that I don’t actually follow any celebrities on Instagram. But one of my favorite pseudo-celebs to follow on Instagram is the 365ThingsAustin account. I may not live in Austin anymore, but I love staying up on what big events are taking place, new restaurants that are hitting the scene, and you already know I'm a sucker for a Town Lake sunset or sunrise. 

Friend on Instagram
I have some very talented friends on Instagram. Whether it's with an artsy picture or a clever caption, checking my Instagram feed is always entertaining. So, this one is a toughie! But I really love people who post fun and colorful pictures of food, so I'm going to give this award to Claire Hogan. Though she is a Houston native, and a graduate of Memorial High School, I did not meet her until my sophomore year at SRD. She never fails to impress me with her photography skills, and I've learned of more than a few hidden gems via her Instagram page.

I will typically pass on the wine when offered, but I absolutely L O V E champagne, which is always dangerous because that stuff will get ya. And if you gave me straight orange juice, I would turn up my nose. So maybe my love of champagne cancels out my dislike for orange juice. Whoops. So when Dylan and I went to brunch a couple of weeks ago when I was in Austin, I just couldn’t pass on the $2 mimosa option.

Food Indulgence
Frozen yogurt. Always. Except lately I’ve probably had too much dark chocolate per day (is there even such a thing?). I’m a huge fan of these Bark Thins – they have made a Things I’m Loving Friday appearance – and one of their current flavors is Pumpkin Flax Seed and I just cannot get enough.

Beauty Product
I don’t typically wear a lot of make-up, but I have found the one brand of mascara that I will forever purchase and wear - Benefit They're Real! Mascara. It might sound too good to be true, but this mascara lengthens, thickens, and volumizes my eyelashes. You don’t have to apply a million coats, and I never have to deal with clumps. It’s a little bit more expensive than my old pink and green tube from Walgreens, but it’s worth every penny.

Way to Wind Down
Ever since redoing my room (which I haven’t even updated you guys on!), I love being in there. So I, and embarrassing as this is to admit, love lounging on my bed, listening to music, and either perusing Pinterest or catching up on all of the BuzzFeed quizzes I miss throughout the week. A really beneficial use of my time, I know. But at least I get some good recipes out of it! I would normally read a book, but I haven’t found a book that has really piqued my interest. Any suggestions are very welcome!

Piece of Jewelry
I used to wear her old, one-dollar turquoise triangle ring, but I unfortunately lost that one during a trip to the gym. My mom was doing some organizing one day, and came across an old, old ring that Granny used to wear. She thought it was a retired piece from James Avery, and she was right! She let me have it, and the only time I take it off is when I swim.

And on that note, I'm off to complete a PiYo certification class at the MAC all day from 9am to 5pm. I didn't read about this on her blog, but I saw it via PBFinger's Instagram account (I'm all about Insta on this post!), and just out of curiosity, I looked up certifications coming up near me. As luck would have it, the only one taking place within 100 miles of me happened to be at my home gym. It was meant to be. I have taken a few PiYo - a combination of pilates and yoga - classes before, and I absolutely loved them. They challenge my body in a way that I absolutely don't do enough on my own, but I still feel like I get a good workout. So why not learn how to teach it? I'll be sure to come back with a full report on how the certification class goes. It's sure be a long, but successful, day!

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