Friday, November 21, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday XV

And here I am, yet again, after another long hiatus from this blog. I thought I was going to have some extra time, but school picked up the pace big time (is my to-do list ever going to end?), I was not feeling well for about a week, so any extra time I had I was made to just rest (though I did run almost 9 miles with a fever, and I really wouldn’t recommend it), and then a trip to Austin, combined with our volleyball banquet (at which I had to give a speech, eek!), blogging was, once again, put on the back-burner. I’m hoping to get really ahead on all things school related this weekend so that I can put a little bit more time into the blog this upcoming week. And hallelujah for Thanksgiving break because this work thing is no joke. And while I’m loving it so much more than I did just a month ago, this little break is going to be very much appreciated.

ExposiTORY is going to help you pass the STAAR test!

So, let’s pick back up with some Things I’m Loving Friday. I meant to post some of these in an earlier Things I’m Loving Friday post, and then obviously never quite got around to it. Whoops!

Teacher as Student
As someone who just stepped out of the student role, I absolutely empathize with this article. I do spend so much of my time telling students to be quiet or pay attention, that I have no doubt they are tired of hearing it. Take it from someone who is a professional development leader's worst nightmare - sitting still all day is hard, boring, and exhausting. I still remember (as if it was that long ago) my freshman English teacher's implementation of the "break." Each six weeks, one member of the class was elected the break person. Every day (or every other day, because we were on a block schedule), that person could call "break" at any time during the class period, and we stopped what we were doing, got up to stretch, go to the bathroom, get water, etc., and I'm wondering why I haven't implemented that same procedure yet.

Alphabet Aerobics
This one was a long time coming, but many, many weeks ago Dylan sent me a link to this song being rapped by Daniel Radcliffe on Saturday Night Live, claiming that it would be perfect to show my students. Though I have already gone over alliteration with them, and it’s not a very difficult concept, I will definitely try to find a few extra minutes one day so that I can show them this video. Not all of what you learn in school has to be boring, right? Shout out to Daniel for keeping the magic alive!

Old Factory Candles
A more formal and comprehensive review of these delightful little candles will be coming this weekend (this has also been a long time coming), but when Rachel reached out to me about trying a set of these candles in exchange for a review of them on fitnessandfroyo, how could I say no? I love candles, and I had a hard time deciding between all of the different “themes.” Long story short, these candles are made with natural soy wax, and claim to burn for 20 hours. I was surprised to hear that when I saw their small size, but so far, so good. While I don’t love every scent individually, all three of them burning together created a wonderful aroma in my bedroom, which is exactly the way they were meant to be used. Plus, I love the play on words (Old Factory – olfactory), because I’m all about a good pun! You can read my Amazon review here to hold you over until the post goes live.


I saw this on Twitter just last week and I could not help but screen shot it. You are probably familiar with the TOMS one-for-one deal, in that for every pair of TOMS shoes that you purchase, a pair is sent to a child in need, but Target has introduced a limited-edition #TomsforTarget line, in which every Target+Toms limited-edition gift that you buy, Target and Toms will be giving back a pair of shoes, a blanket, or meal to those who are in need. Plus, I really like these cute cards that ask you to reflect on things that make you happy, and also people or things for which you are thankful. Though Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it’s always the right day to give thanks, even for the seemingly small things.

And on that note, I’m off to go squeeze in a workout. I’m hoping that this Friday will be spent relaxing, maybe doing a little bit of grading, and maybe even some shopping if I feel as though I’ve been productive enough to earn that (and if the rain settles down a bit). I have to reward myself for the hours spent sitting at my dining room table grading essays and creating PowerPoints that will engage my reluctant students, and a trip to Anthropologie is  the best way to do just that. Let’s just hope the rain holds off for a little while!

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