Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Goals

Guys, 2017 is TOMORROW! In case you haven't looked at a calendar lately. And I'm just like most people who like to look at a new year as a clean slate, and a chance to start fresh on some of the things we may not have done the previous year. I'm not big on resolutions - I'm not going to start doing yoga, I'm not going to suddenly have every part of my life together, and I'm not going to become a completely different me. But it's always good to want to be a better version of ourselves, and I figured my 2017 goals would not only make a good blog post, but that blogging about it would also hold me accountable. So, without further ado, here's what I hope to do more of in this new calendar year.

Floss my teeth
In 2015, I was a flossing machine. I flossed morning and night, and then about a week into 2016, I fell off the flossing train. So here's to getting back on it in 2017.

Write at least one blog post a week

I already know that this one is going to be the toughest goal to accomplish. Sometimes my weeks just get crazy busy, and when I get a moment of free time, the last thing I want to do is write. But I can definitely minimize the time spent taking BuzzFeed quizzes, because how important is it really to know what flavor PopTart I am - and dedicate that time to fitnessandfroyo.

Read at least 25 (new!) books
Re-reading the Harry Potter series for the 17th time does not count. I lost count of how many books I read in 2016, though I would venture to say that it was right around the 25 mark. Reading is so good for the soul, and I've got to make more time for it. And I will take any recommendations you guys have got!

Discover a new place
You guys know me, and you have to know that this one is already in the works! Instead of one big trip like I did this past summer, I have a couple of smaller trips that are slowly but surely coming together. At least, that's my plan at this very moment. It could be something completely different come tomorrow.

Church at the top of Tibidabo in Barcelona

Get outside my comfort zone in the classroom
This one will definitely come in the form of technology. I was having lunch with two of my closest friends just the other day, and we were talking about how, while we learned a lot and did well in high school, we didn't really get to try much outside of the standard curriculum. And technology certainly wasn't as prevalent. It was the pen and paper, teacher-at-the-front kind of thing, and that's what was most comfortable to me as I stepped into the teacher role. But these kids are 21st-century learners, and I'm working really hard to embrace that. And I'm lucky that I've got people around me who encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and take those risks.

Creating digital portfolios

Write at least one letter, postcard, encouraging note, etc. a week
This one is probably my favorite goal. There is not a lot that I love more than a handwritten letter or note. I promise you I keep every single one. So, whether it's sending a birthday card, writing a note of encouragement to a coworker, sending a postcard in the mail to a student's parents to brag on him/her, I hope to write at least one a week. It can be admittedly difficult to stay in touch with some of my out of town friends, so I'm hoping this will make that a little easier. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy cute stationary.

Walk the halls at school without scrolling through my phone
This one seems so small and insignificant. But I hate it when I'm walking through the halls and someone says, "Hi, Ms. Tomlinson", and I look up, absolutely startled, because I've been catching up on my Twitter feed, or scrolling through Instagram. Or checking my email. From here on out, I'm going to be the one who says hi to a student or colleague when I see him or her, because I'm determined to not have my face buried in my phone.

Among other things, I hope to have more meaningful conversations and focus on people over my to-do list, 

don't reach for my cell phone when I'm out to dinner with family or friends, volunteer more, really try and stick to a budget (adult eye roll), be in the moment, keep my car organized, say no to things when I'm feeling overwhelmed, as opposed to just continuing my people-pleasing ways, focus on the positives and practice daily gratitude,

take more pictures, even if it annoys my friends, reach out to friends on a more regular basis, 

love extravagantly, practice patience, watch more sunrises and sunsets,

and don't sweat the small stuff. 2017 is my quarter-life crisis year, and I'm determined to "live a great story" and make it the best year yet. FEARLESS is my 2017 word, and I plan to wear it well.

Here's to all of us keeping our 2017 goals! And here's to a safe and fun New Year's Eve!

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