Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Fun

Well guys, it's happened. I will more than likely be neglecting the blog this next week due to a crazy week of school. I have something for every single class, and then some. I am still going to try to post a couple times, but they will probably be very quick, as I have to be very good about managing my time this week. Two midterms, four papers and assignments, one lesson plan, and one big Young Life event are all on the calendar as being due or taking place this week, and unfortunately they were all kind of assigned at the same time and there wasn't much opportunity for getting them done early. I just have to remember to stay calm this week and not get overwhelmed, because when I get overwhelmed, I get nothing done.
John 14:1
Anyway, to keep you updated on the workout front, I completed the IBM Uptown Classic 10K this morning - not in record time, but that's okay, it still felt great to get out there and run in a real race setting, despite the fact that I missed the memo that it was going to be about 50 degrees. I officially take back anything I said about the heat! Actually, I do like this weather, I was just a little bit unprepared - or dressed a bit "scantily clad" as I heard someone say at the starting line this morning! No worries, I don't think he was talking about just me, there were some other crazies dressed in just shorts and a shirt out there too!

And, as always, here is a fun little fall survey for your reading enjoyment. I am absolutely loving this cooler weather and I am hoping it is here to stay!

1. Apple picking or pumpkin picking?
You know, I don't think I have ever been apple picking before, so pumpkin picking wins by default. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pumpkin patch, but I would love to give apple picking a go!

2. Favorite apple recipe?
Man, I don't think I have ever really used apples in a recipe (I don't like apple pie, or pie at all, for that matter), but I love honeycrisp apples and peanut butter. Does that count as a recipe?
My favorite snack
No? Okay, well here are a few apple recipes that I would love to try:
3. Favorite pumpkin recipe?
Pumpkin-walnut muffins. Nom.

4. Favorite soup recipe?
Black bean soup. I could eat that all day long! I actually tried to make it for myself yesterday, but my chicken broth was old. And I mean pretty old. Sad day.

5. Football: on tv or in the stadium?
TV, for sure. I absolutely love watching football, but I really don't enjoy watching it in person at a stadium. I like being able to multitask, and be able to have breakdowns when things start to get too intense. Plus, who doesn't love ordering their favorite food, cuddling up with a blanket and cheering on their team to victory?
I did just that last night - it was my first time trying Thundercloud Subs and I give it two thumbs up!
6. Favorite football team to cheer for?
TEXAS FOOTBALL. And the Houston Texans. Superbowl 2013, I'm calling it now.
Go Horns Go!
7. Daylight Savings Time: love it or hate it?
I hate losing that hour of sleep, but I love that it stays light for longer. More time for playing outside, right? That's how I used to see it when I was younger, but I definitely still appreciate that extra bit of daylight. 

8. How do your workouts change (if at all) for fall time?
I start running more. Even if it is on the treadmill, the cooler fall weather helps to motivate me to run, as opposed to the summer months when I start falling apart after running one mile, even if I am inside! The fall weather in Texas is seriously perfect - not too cold, and it is such a relief from the hot summer months. It's also great because fall is typically the heart of race season, so I am more likely to take my longer runs outside

Not a bad view to have while trucking through a long run
9. Favorite Halloween candy?
Swedish fish. Although, I don't know many people who give those out on Halloween. I used to cherish Snickers and Three Musketeers as a child, though.

10. Any fashion essentials for fall?
Leggings and an oversized t-shirt. But if I am actually trying to be presentable to society, sweaters and boots are a must-have.

11. Do your meals change when the weather changes?
I crave chili and soup, especially on those cold bitter nights after a long day of school. I need something to warm my body and soul!
Turkey chili - one of my favs!
12. Favorite fall dinner?
I don't think I have a favorite fall dinner! I feel as though I eat generally the same types of things all year, but with less emphasis on soup and chili during the warm spring and summer months. I guess squash would be considered a "fall food"? So, I'll go with my turkey spaghetti squash!

13. Favorite fall dessert?
Pumpkin frozen yogurt. Yes, please.
There's definitely some pumpkin under all of that mess - my favorite fall flavor!
14. Best thing about fall?
The cooler weather, the holidays, the decorations, pumpkin flavored everything, sweaters, football, the changing leaves? I know some of you Northeasters will roll your eyes at the idea of the last one down here in Texas, but I love it! Texas forever!

Newest addition to The Clubhouse front door
Pumpkin pancakes
15. Worst thing about fall?
There's really nothing bad about fall, well, except for the fact that the arrival of fall means school is in full swing (and likely causing me way more stress than is necessary). Like the state I am in now, for instance.

16. Best thing (that will happen) in fall 2012?
Oh man, there are so many good things that will happen this fall! I will vote in my first election, teach lessons to middle school students, continue to cheer those Horns onto victory, and do fun Austin-y things in the perfect fall weather!

A fall morning at Mt. Bonnell - one of my favorite places in Austin

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