Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Home Sweet Home

As I was driving back to Austin exactly three months ago to begin my senior year of college, I knew in my heart that this semester was going to be a busy one. I had heard from previous 640 students that you can pretty much say goodbye to any sense of a social life, and that there will be mental breakdowns in your future. Though I can attest to the fact that mental breakdowns during this internship are a very real thing, I finally finished my 45 hours of observation and the teaching of nine lessons on Monday afternoon, and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Though I (mostly) enjoyed it, it required a huge chunk of time each week, and it will be nice to have that little bit of extra free time this last week of class. I still have quite the to-do list, but I have made some serious progress on some of the items on this list, so hopefully I won't have to work too hard this break.

Anyway, I am currently writing this blog post from the comfort of my very own bed at my house in Houston. I got home right around 10:00pm last night, thanks to Dylan and his brother letting me crash their ride home. I proceeded to make myself right at home on the couch, watching some TV and hanging out with my mom until my brother got home from a friend's house. I hadn't seen him in almost three and a half months, so it was nice to see him for .5 seconds before he was off to see the next friend on his list.

I went to sleep a little after midnight, and had a very hard time making myself get out of bed this morning because I was so warm and snuggly, but I knew I needed to get up and get my day started. I went downstairs and made my usual egg white and spinach breakfast, eating it alongside a couple of cuties and a handful of grapes.

I think one of the best feelings in the world has to be coming home to a fridge stocked full of all your favorites, just as mine was. A huge shout out to my parents for taking my grocery list seriously!

After breakfast, I did a little bit of baking, ran a couple of errands with my mom, and then braved the chilly weather for a familiar 5.5 mile run through my neighborhood. The weather in Houston is absolutely beautiful today, which is a nice reprieve from the nasty weather I've been dealing with in Austin for the past week. 

I started out feeling pretty chilly, but I quickly warmed up, and my run turned out to be a great one. It was a good warm-up for the TXU Turkey Trot happening tomorrow morning. It's my third year to participate, and though I know the comfort of my bed will seem much more appealing than running 6.2 miles through the Galleria area in 37 degree weather, I am still very excited to get my run on before eating all of the delicious Thanksgiving food my family will cook up.

After my run I made a quick grocery store run (of course), and picked up my favorite grilled chicken salad from La Madeleine to eat for a late lunch.

You might be shocked that I didn't choose to eat at Hungry's for my first meal back, but fear not, it's only a matter of time before I enjoy a meal from my all-time favorite restaurant. I wasn't super hungry, and I was in the area, so this salad did the trick!

Now I'm wasting time on Pinterest studying a little bit for my PPR certification exam that's happening in less than two weeks (eek!), before getting ready to meet Dylan, his brother, and his dad for dinner before the Rocket's game tonight. 

I hope your Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a great one, and that you are thinking of all that you are thankful for this year!

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