Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Normal Wednesday

Three days in a row with a new post means I'm getting back on my blogging game! Today was nothing out of the ordinary, as I woke up and went to class, squeezed in a quick workout, and headed up north to Westwood, but I'll try and keep things interesting for you guys.


This morning's breakfast looked identical to yesterday's, as I still had (and still have) some leftover banana-oatmeal-almond butter "dough" leftover to do with as I please. I'm choosing to simply eat it without cooking it first, because it tricks my mind into thinking that I actually like oatmeal. That might be all the add-ins (read: chocolate) talking, but it sure hits the spot every time!

After breakfast I braved the 34-degree weather and biked to my 9am class. We're currently reading and discussing Shakespeare's Othello, which I happen to really like, so I couldn't even be mad about having to brave the elements. It is always a little more difficult on the ride back, though, thanks to the headwind and slight uphill incline. When I got back to my house, I quickly shed my gloves and ear warmer for Nike shorts and a t-shirt, and headed out the door for my first treadmill workout in a while. It's certainly not a new one, but it gets the job done quickly - 4+ miles in 34 minutes - and I always leave feeling like I got in a good workout. Can't beat that!

After my time at the gym, I quickly showered and got ready to go to Westwood, where I went and observed some very exhausted-looking students take a benchmark test. I think they are also at that point in the semester when a little break would be much appreciated. Thank goodness Thanksgiving break is less than two weeks away! It will be so nice to have an opportunity to recharge for the last little bit of school that we have left. 

And because I was feeling pretty unsure about becoming a teacher at the end of last week after a pretty disastrous (okay, not disastrous, just very short on time and a lot of bored faces), I have to share with you guys two small but encouraging moments from today. One of my favorite things about coming to Westwood is that one of the students is always so excited to come up to me and talk about the latest Young Adult novel she is reading. We bonded over The Hunger Games and Divergent series, and she has been showing me up since then with the number of books she has read. It seems like she has a new book to recommend to me every other day! I love talking about books, and for a student to be reading and discussing books so enthusiastically just brings a smile to my face.

Her latest book (Source)
Another unrelated-to-academia moment happened today when two students were discussing Twinkies. One student mentioned that he had forgotten his breakfast this morning, so another student offered him a Twinkie (I know, super balanced breakfast). He had never had a Twinkie before, and he claims that his life had forever been changed. Overhearing this conversation, I asked him if he had ever had a Ding Dong, which elicited quite a few laughs from the students, who had obviously never been lucky enough to try one of my favorite childhood snacks. I also disappointed him when I told him that I don't like Twinkies, to which I received a "You must be a hater, miss!" As goofy as they are, you can't help but love them!

And now I'm off to run a few errands, and finalize lesson plans numbers eight and nine! The finish line is in sight!

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