Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thought Catalog Tuesday

I normally have absolutely zero time available to make a blog post on Tuesday, and though I still don't have time to post this, I am going to anyway, because I don't want to let a month go by without writing at least 10 blog posts. Remember that 2012 New Year's Resolution?


I'll start off with a breakfast blurb, because it's been a while since I have done that. Today's breakfast wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it was definitely one of my better batches of scrambled egg whites and spinach.

Last night I made two more batches of my banana-oatmeal-almond butter muffins, in an effort to use up some old bananas, and I had some "dough" leftover. I put it in a Tupperware container and enjoyed more than a few spoonfuls this morning alongside my egg white concoction. A little chocolate for breakfast is the best way to start out a day!

After breakfast I headed off to class, and then my group met up to finalize everything for our group presentation on Thursday. We were asked to create a Unit Map for a sophomore English class, and we have created a 6-week unit over Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. I first read the play when I was a sophomore, and though we didn't use much of them, I had fun looking over my old notes and handouts, mainly to laugh at how much my handwriting has changed over the years. 

Anyway, our Unit Map is not due in final form until the week after Thanksgiving, but each group has to present either this Thursday, next Tuesday, or the following Thursday, and our group elected to go first and just get it over with, which is fine with me, because this week is much calmer than what I'm anticipating next week to be. Our brains were fried by the time we ended at 3:15pm, and we only ended then because two of my group members had to go to class, and I went home and continued working on the unit map until I took a break to go to a spin class that had me sweating up a storm. We did a lot of sprint work, which normally I don't like, but I had been sitting and working and staring at a computer screen for so long today that I welcomed any and all physical activity.

I hurried home after my spin class was over to shower and get ready for small group, and now I am here, taking a break from my lesson planning, unit map creating, and essay writing, which is now calling my name. But not until I share these two great Thought Catalog articles with you guys:

  • Number one on that list clearly speaks to my heart. I love letters, and I am hoping to get lots of letters off to friends in the next couple of weeks. Number 17 also really resonated me, because Sarah and I are constantly looking for another trip to take together. We haven't traveled together since Europe last summer, so be on the lookout for a suite one getaway sure to come soon! Really, though, every item on this list made me nod my head in agreement, as our culture is constantly telling us that if we aren't doing something constructive and productive, we are simply wasting our time. I know I get caught up in that mindset a lot, but taking time for things that mean a lot to me is truly so important. 
  • I really liked this article, and I found it to be extremely well-written. It's cheesy, yet insightful. It is thought-provoking and so very true. What 20-something-year-old woman can't identify with at least 3/4 of the items on that list?
And now it's back to the books. Only two short weeks until I am blogging from my couch in Houston. Let the countdown begin!

And, because I promised you a few more formal pictures, here are some pictures of the beautiful (and a little bit dysfunctional) Anderson YoungLife team!

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