Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunny Wednesday

It's Hump Day already, and I'm going home to Houston tomorrow for a couple of days to attend a wedding of one of my oldest friends - eek, so this week has just flown by for me. You would think I would be sick of going back and forth from Austin to Houston and vice versa, after making said trip probably too many times in the past month and a half, but I'm not too annoyed by it yet. Good thing, since Houston is going to be my future home, and I already see a few Austin trips in my future!

I can't stay away from this for too long!
But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, because I have a bad habit of looking too far into the future and not enjoying the moment I am in right now. I still have about two months left in Austin, so I plan to enjoy them as much as possible before I make Houston my permanent residence again.


Breakfast was the same as it always is - scrambled egg whites with spinach, all topped with salsa, and a couple of cuties on the side. 

This morning, however, I also whipped up two batches of my banana-oatmeal-almond butter muffins, so I may have also eaten quite a few spoonfuls of the batter before I put the muffins in the oven. Oops!


My body woke me up around 8:15 this morning (not having to set an alarm is so nice, however, I better not get too used to it), so I wasn't too reluctant to actually get up at that time. I changed into athletic clothes and enjoyed a cool morning walk around Town Lake.

As much as I don't like the rain, especially on the days I don't have to work, I know that we do need it, and it does cool things off a bit, at least until the humidity comes in with full force.

After my walk, I came home to fix the above breakfast, do a little bit of baking, and begin the long and gradual process that is organizing and cleaning out my room. My official move to Houston date is now July 24th, and I will only be going to Houston a handful of times before then. So, to save myself some stress, I am trying to take as much home as I possibly can in these next couple of trips home, so that I don't panic come July 24th when I have no more room in my car. How I accumulated so much stuff I will never quite understand, but I have found a few things I thought I lost, so I am enjoying that aspect of it! 

The current state of our hallway
I also have a really bad habit of holding onto things (example - I still have all of my high school work in multiple bins at home), so I am trying really hard to just throw things away if I know I will never wear and/or use it, no matter how much it might have meant to me ten years prior. Seriously, I hold onto things for that long. It's a problem.

I digress. So, after a little bit of organizing, I headed up the road to the gym where I was able to take a spin class from my very favorite Austin spin instructor. I love her sass, and her classes always leave me feeling like I just got in a great workout. It didn't hit me until I was walking out that it was probably my last spin class with her, as my work schedule won't allow me to take a weekday noon spin class, and I obviously won't be in Austin next year. Bummer!

But we did a lot of interval work today, which is my very favorite type of spin class. We never stick with one thing for too long, so it prevents boredom and it keeps my muscles guessing. One of the highlights of the class for me had to be the mountain bike loops - in which we did 30 seconds each of jumps, standing run, seated climb, and standing climb. We repeated that cycle three times, with a minute flat in between each round. It had me sweating, that's for sure!

And now I'm off to fix myself a late lunch of chicken sausage, zucchini, squash, and Brussels sprouts and then continue on with my organizing. It is quite the process, but I know I'll be glad to have it out of my room (though I can't say my parents will feel the same). Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

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