Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ten Day You Challenge

I know we desperately needed the rain here in Austin, but I was sure glad to wake up to the sun shining its rays into my room this morning. Overcast weather makes me want to do nothing more than curl up with a book, a movie, Pinterest, or all three. Not that I have a ton on my to-do list these days, but there are things that I need to get done, and good weather makes it all the easier. I ran a couple of errands today, and while I went into Anthropologie strictly to buy a graduation gift for my brother's girlfriend, I also walked out with this trEATs book for myself. Hey, it was on sale!


I know that I bore you guys when it comes to breakfast, so maybe this summer I'll work on getting more creative with my morning meals. I'm leaving to go home to Houston tonight, but when I return, that will be one of my main focuses. Anyway, this morning's breakfast was the same as it always is - a couple of Cuties and some scrambled egg whites and spinach. It's just so hard to beat that combination!


As I mentioned earlier, the sun showed its face today, and I took full advantage of that by walking over to Gregory for an afternoon swim. One of the biggest (literally) things I will miss about UT is the outdoor lap pool - I have yet to find a pool that can compete!

Ten Day You Challenge

I saw this posted on, you guessed it, Julie's blog - Peanut Butter Fingers -  and I decided that as a lover of surveys (Survey Sunday, anyone?), this would be the perfect remedy for days without much to report on the blogging front. Today is really one of those days, but I am running out of time before I am scheduled to hit the road to Houston. So, just know that this mini-series is likely on its way. I hope your Thursday was a great one, and I will see you guys from Houston!

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