Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cupcakes and Football

Remember how yesterday I posted about how I was itching to bake? Well, last night I got to bake some delicious cupcakes with some of my fellow RA's. We went over to our program director's house around 8:00pm and had a little bit too much fun baking 100+ cupcakes and watching one of the greatest (and most quotable) movies ever produced - Mean Girls.

We were baking to prepare for our "Bridesmaids and Crafts" night tonight at SRD. Basically, we are going to girl out to the max as we watch the movie Bridesmaids, eat cupcakes, and be crafty (inspired by Pinterest of course!)

Funfetti batter

Pumpkin Tarts + our first round of Cupcakes in the oven!

Melissa and Sarah making the marble fudge batter

Stirring the Orange Spice batter.. the question is, will they be good or not?

Funfetti + Marble Fudge
Before I went over to Ali's house, I attended the Murchison Middle School 7th and 8th grade football games at Housepark. After driving around for 15 minutes searching for a parking spot, I finally got into the game! Although I didn't know any of the players, it was fun to hang out with my seventh grade girls! It brings back memories of my middle school days - we were also MMS (Memorial Middle School) and our colors were orange and white as well!
Also, who knew that middle schools had homecomings these days? There is a dance on Friday night and everything! They also had a dance team, and cheerleaders. Times sure have changed since I was in middle school!

Small (Purple) vs. Murchison (White and Orange)

NJHS Induction in 7th Grade!
Workout + Dinner
I knew that I wanted to run today because it was SUCH a beautiful day - a high of 75 degrees - but it was pretty windy, so I had a hard time finding the motivation to run outside. Plus, I got out of class at 12:30 and had to go to office hours at 4, so my timing was awkward and I ended up sitting around trying to figure out what to do but not really doing anything. So, when I got back from office hours, I decided I had time to do a 30-minute sprint workout before I worked the desk. I then did a set of 24 lunges, 60 squats, 24 lunges, 40 squats, 24 squats, and 20 squats. My legs and butt are really going to be feelin' it tomorrow morning!

I was really excited for dinner tonight, seeing as it was a new SRD menu item: beef kebabs and vegetable kebabs. I LOVE kebabs, but unfortunately, I wasn't hungry due to the large amounts of other food I ate throughout the course of the day. It was just one of those days where nothing seemed to satisfy me! I got hungry about 6:45pm, in the middle of my shift, so I asked the kitchen to put some kebabs away for me. There were only vegetable kebabs left, but I just ate them and they were DELICIOUS! I ate four, but who can feel bad about eating veggies? :)

I am going to finish up my shift at the desk and then head over to the ballroom for BRIDESMAIDS + CRAFTS NIGHT! Have a wonderful Tuesday night!

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