Monday, October 17, 2011

To Love One Another

Last night I attended the 7:00 service at Austin Stone Community Church, and although nearly every week has an amazing message, last night's message really hit me. Basically, it talked about how we are called to love others and have a heart that is geared towards loving others; not a heart that is self-seeking.
It made me realize two things. One, that I really want to focus on changing my heart and focus on others around me, instead of just focusing on myself. Two, the reason that I am always so stressed out about school and all of my various activities is because I am doing them for myself. So my challenge to myself (and you!) is to have a heart that is focused on OTHERS.

Lunch + Workout
After my class ended at 11:00 today, I headed over to Gregory Gym to swim some laps. I don't normally swim on Mondays, but I knew that I needed a break from running, as I have run about 12 miles in the past two days. My legs were screaming for a break! That was totally fine with me because I absolutely love swimming. It is an awesome total body workout and it gives me time to just THINK about things without getting caught up in everything else. Today my thoughts were geared towards baking (so deep and philosophical, right?) and not to wish away my time or anything, but I am so excited for Christmas break! I love how joyful everyone is, and I can't wait to be at home with my own kitchen. That is really the one major thing I miss about being at SRD - I have nowhere to bake!

Christmas time treats!
As I walked back from the pool, I found myself hoping some sort of fish would be on the menu (one of the reasons I love Mondays is because the new menu for the week comes out!) for lunch today. My craving was answered as Baked Catfish Fillet was being served today. I wasn't sure if I would like catfish or not, as I just recently discovered that I do actually enjoy some types of fish (mainly tilapia and cod). I decided to give it a go and wow, it was delicious! My taste buds are definitely expanding! This was one of the best meals I have had in a while! Paired with a side of green beans and red grapes, you just can't beat it!

I am a little obsessed with grapes if you couldn't tell! :)
Joke of the day (sent to me by my mom): Why was the mummy afraid to go on vacation?
Answer: He might unwind!

Happy Monday!

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