Monday, October 24, 2011

Iron Woman

Swim 1.2 miles. Bike 56 miles. Run 13.1 miles. CHECK! This is no easy feat but my roommate from last year - Melissa - whom you met here, just completed this 70.3 mile race, otherwise known as the Half Ironman. Some might call it crazy, myself included, while others might call it fun, in a sick, twisted sort of way. I would say I categorize myself in the second category as well. :)

I had a wonderful time cheering her on and watching the other racers finish. Every single person who crosses that finish line is an absolute rockstar. I know firsthand just how physically and mentally tough that race is. Yes, I completed the Austin 70.3. WHAT? Am I insane? Maybe a little bit. My friend and I decided our senior year in high school that since we would both be in Austin in the fall, and since we both enjoy working out so much, a half ironman would be right up our alley. I am STILL questioning my parents thought process on letting me enter that race! :)


It most definitely ranks right up there as one of the most difficult and demanding things I have ever put my body through, let alone my mind. There were parts of the race that I really wanted to just sit down and cry, and there were the crazy parts of me that thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing. I will say that I enjoyed it a whole lot more after I crossed that finish line and no longer had to run, bike, or swim.
Emily and I after finishing the race! :)

Emily, Seth, and I before beginning the race! Talk about nerves!
Looking back, I definitely would have altered my training plan and prepared a WHOLE lot more than I did. This brings out my competitive side and motivates me to do it again sometime. In the future. As in, when I am not in college. But I do want to do another one someday and do it for what it's worth and actually run the entire time. Maybe someday that will lead me to a full Ironman, although I am not sure that my body would like me too much after that one!

Anyway, Melissa did incredible during the race, and after the setback of breaking her foot last spring, she dominated that Ironman and showed herself that she is capable of doing such a thing as crazy as the Half Ironman. If you can do that, you can do anything! Love you Melissa, and I am so proud of you!


Her #1 fan :)



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