Tuesday, April 21, 2015

45-Minute Circuit Workout(s)

I'll be short and sweet with this post tonight, but I have a couple of workouts to share with you guys. The other day I had to stay after school because I was hounded (and I don't even feel bad about using that strong of a word) by Bellaire's retirement man to get with him and set up a retirement fund. While I was in over my head throughout the length of that meeting, I do at least feel better about having something set up. I think he probably thought I was dumb when I answered, "I don't really know how much money I have. I don't really have bills." Which made me realize that I should probably keep a closer eye on my savings account, but I think I guesstimated everything pretty well. Anyway, I was subbing for a friend's club practice, so I didn't want to sit in 4:30pm Houston traffic before having to turn right back around and head up to Memorial High School, so I headed over to 24 Hour Fitness after leaving Bellaire and completed a combination of the following circuit workouts for a total workout time of around 45 minutes.

Now, before I completely confuse you, let me explain what I did here. I did ten total rounds - six rounds consisted of alternating between circuits one and two, as shown above. The last four rounds were all circuit number three. I just wanted to keep things from getting monotonous, so I changed things up just a little bit with each circuit. As per usual, the burpees killed me, and the squats and lunges aren't something I have spent much time on lately, but I felt very challenged by this workout. I got in some cardio, some strength training, and some core work. Not too shabby for someone who much prefers long running or swim sessions.

And I'm off to do some lesson planning. Word on the street is that the English teachers are being observed this week, so I want to make sure that I've got everything all lined up. It's getting harder and harder to hold the students' attention, so I'm trying to mix things up and keep them on their toes. We all know they keep me on mine!

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