Sunday, April 5, 2015

Call Me Pickles

Happy, happy Easter Sunday! I'm just popping in for a quick survey - one that I know I've completed before - but this one has a couple of added categories. Plus, I'm sure some of my answers have changed, at least a little bit. Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful Easter, and have enjoyed a friend- and family-filled weekend! I attended a crawfish boil that my family has been going to for years and years and years, and I'm not sure what it was about yesterday, but I had the most fun I think I've ever had. It was an unexpectedly gorgeous day, I got to catch up with quite a few of my high school friends (Spartans forever), and while I told myself I would stay for only an hour, I stayed for almost three.

One great crew
There's just no place like home.

Four names that people call me (other than my real name):
  • Kel
  • KT
  • KTom
  • Pickles
Yeah, that last one is probably causing you to scratch your head. At Bellaire, our tutorial time is during lunch, as we are given a 50-minute lunch period. Often times, even if I’m not holding actual tutorials, I’ll have students just come and say hi or sit with me, or I will use that time to catch up on some grading or organizing. That, and the fact that lunch is at 11:35am, I typically wait until my off period to eat my lunch. The teacher that I hang out with in the English department lounge during that time has taken to calling me pickles, as I have pickles in my salad every single day. I now look forward to the daily, “Morning, Pickles,” with which he greets me.

Four jobs I have had:
  • Volleyball scorekeeper
  • Resident Assistant
  • Volleyball coach
  • Teacher

Four favorite TV shows:
  • Boy Meets World
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Full House
  • The Office (granted, I've only seen episodes here and there, but it's enough to make me want to binge-watch the entire series)
Four places I have lived:
  • Houston, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Golden, MO (for about five weeks – does that count?)

Four places I have been:
  • Maui, Hawaii
  • San Francisco, California
  • Orlando, Florida
  • London, England
The iconic phone booth
Four places I want to go:
  • Ireland
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Alaska
… and then some.

Four things I love to do:
  • Run, and exercise in general. No better feeling, in my opinion!
  • Curl up with a good book – and no interruptions.
  • Bake, using my spiffy KitchenAid. It makes baking things from scratch so much easier.
  • Travel. I’d gladly live out of my suitcase if it meant I could travel the world. Well, for a couple of years, anyway. Then I’d probably like to settle down with some sort of routine, if I’m being completely honest.

Four things I’m embarrassed to tell you:
  • Sometimes I still enjoy watching shows such as Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Zoey 101. Those were some of my absolute favorite shows as a teenager, and I’ll admit that I still enjoy watching them from time to time.
  • I'm not necessarily embarrassed by this, but in the spirit of March Madness, I'll share this one. In 7th grade, my basketball team was playing for the district championship. We were down by two points, and I was fouled with two seconds left in the game. I had the chance to tie the game and send us into overtime, but I only made of my two free throws. While it certainly wasn't my fault, I was still embarrassed because the boys A & B, and the girls B team were all there to witness that moment. Free throws win ball games! Oh, and did I mention that it was on my 13th birthday?
  • Okay, I'll admit that I read the first 50 Shades book. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. If that's what people think love is, count me out. Totally not worth my time, though I have heard that the second and third books are much better.
  • I know I majored in English, and I know I'm a high school English teacher, but poetry is still something that makes me uneasy. I don't understand it, I don't know how to analyze it, but I think I've managed to BS my way through it pretty well thus far!
One place I’d rather be right now:
  • I mean, I’m pretty content right where I am, but I’m getting pretty excited to be in San Francisco this time next week with my best gals.

Four things I don’t eat:
  • Sushi
  • Oysters
  • Bologna
  • Tuna Fish
To be fair, I’ve actually never tried the first three. But I know myself well enough by now to know that I just wouldn’t like them. And the tuna fish has a funny story. When I went to Wilderness, one of the meals we were expected to eat was tuna fish. And I have never liked tuna fish. But Wilderness has a nutritionist, who strategically plans meals that will give us enough calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to help us to hike the 37 miles that our group hiked. We got a little lost, which is why we went so many miles. Anyway, we were at a campsite on the second day and the meal we were served was tuna fish. I am not kidding when I say that I was literally crying when the guides told me I had to finish my tuna fish sandwich before we continued. I offered to eat extra dessert in place of the tuna (fair bargain, I know), but no can do. It was a traumatic experience, to say the least.

The stop where we ate the tuna. Notice my stance.
Four of my favorite foods:
  • Frozen yogurt, of course.
  • Grilled chicken salads. I cannot get enough of them.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Banana-Oatmeal-Almond Butter Muffin dough. Seriously. I have taken to preparing the dough and not cooking it, and I am obsessed. I often eat it during my 1st period class, and my kids are so curious about it.
Four random facts about me:
  • I have never had a cup of coffee. I've never acquired the taste, and I’d rather not become dependent on it, so there you have it!
  • I was voted “Best Personality” of my high school class. My crowning achievement, really.
  • Instead of, you know, getting ahead on my health and speech credits, I elected to take woodshop in eighth grade. It was one of my favorite classes, and it made Christmas and birthdays so easy that year!
  • My second toe is longer than my big toe, which is actually pretty common, but the official name for this is Morton’s Syndrome.
And I'm off to enjoy this day. In the spirit of this special holiday, check out John 11:25-26. The perfect picture of sacrificial love.

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