Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 Running Questions

Sorry I've been pretty MIA these past few days. I thought I was going to post more frequently since I have had a little break from my crazy schedule, but I have enjoyed resting, spending time with my family, and watching some great football games. I'll try to do a Thanksgiving recap in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, here's your weekly dosage of Survey Sunday, this time in running form. Enjoy!
  • Best Run Ever
My best race ever was the Disney World half marathon, and not necessarily because it was my favorite race - although who wouldn't love running through the castle? - but because I set a PR that morning. Granted, I had only ever run one half before that one, so it's not like I had many times to beat. But, I did run it in under two hours, which was my goal going into the race. I wish I was making the Disney trip again this year, but I have a race scheduled right in my own backyard this January!

I also really love the Blue Bell Fun Run in Brenham, Texas - I am already signed up for the 2013 race - because it is a tough, hilly run through one of my favorite towns in Texas, plus you get all you can eat ice cream at the finish. And I'll let you in on a little secret: I won first place in my age group in the 2011 race. True story!
Blue Bell Fun Run 2012
Murchison ladies
  • Three(ish) Words that Describe My Running
Stress-relieving, introspective, and rejuvenating
  • My Go-To Running Outfit 
A tank-top or drifit t-shirt, Nike Tempo running shorts, Asics padded running socks, Asics or Mizuno running shoes, and a headband of some sort to round out the outfit.
If it's cold outside, I'll throw on some capri pants and maybe some ear warmers because I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold weather.
Pretty typical race day outfit
  • Quirky Habit While Running
I don't know what my quirky habit while running is, though I'm sure there are many. If a good song comes on my iPod I'll start singing out loud, and I can't guarantee that I don't talk to myself while I'm running.
  • Morning, Mid-day, or Evening
Morning or evening. I feel better when I get my runs done in the morning, but when I run in the early evening, I always feel as though I can run forever.
  • I Won’t Run Outside When It’s
Summertime in Texas. The heat and humidity combination is a no-go for this girl. I make it about a mile before I'm walking and gasping for air. Can't run in the extreme cold and can't run in the extreme heat. Diva.
  • Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It
I hurt my back doing the 2012 Color Run (the day before my 20th birthday), and I was forced to sit out a few weeks of running. I was actually signed up to run the Austin half again, and though my back felt good enough to run a little bit at that time, I knew that pushing my body to get back in the game before it was ready was not my best idea. For the first couple weeks, running was not even an option and just walking to class hurt. I did a lot of laying in bed with a heating pad and some low-impact elliptical and bike workouts. I'm stubborn and refused to take any medicine, so my parents had little sympathy when I called them crying about how much my back hurt. Just kidding, they were very sympathetic about it, but they didn't quite understand my thought process on that one!
Color Run 2012 - after 
I'm smiling on the outside, but on the inside I'm praying I can just walk off the pain!
  • I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When
I dominated the Enfield hill on mile 12 of the Austin half marathon. I remember looking ahead and laughing when I saw that hill, but I conquered it and kept on truckin' to the end!
  • Potential Running Goal for 2013
With the completion of the Houston half in January, I will have completed one half marathon for each year of college. And though I will probably only run the one my junior year, I want to run at least two halves in the 2013 year.
  • Next Race Is
My next official race is the Houston half in January, but I have a few fun 5K's on my mind. 
Warrior Dash 2011 
Emily and I after a fun (and challenging) 5K race

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