Saturday, November 3, 2012

Virgin Voter + Holiday Excitement

Remember that time I said I was going to try to post three times this week? Well, school caught up to me again, and I was forced to neglect the blog. This is what happened to me last year and I thought that might be the end of fitnessandfroyo as we knew it. I will not let that happen this year, and I am hoping November will be a little bit less crazy than October was. It's probably wishful thinking, but one can always hope, right?

That being said, Happy November! This year is flying by - I already registered for the classes that I am going to take next semester, and there are only five weeks left of this semester. Not that I'm complaining about that, because this semester has been crazy! Now, let's get the workout recap out of the way and I'll catch you up on my week.

Workout + Lunch

After a pumpkin pancake breakfast and a couple hours of homework, I headed to the gym to tackle four miles on the treadmill + a little ab work. I ran the first two miles at a 8:00min/mile pace, and took the last two miles a little bit slower. My calves were really feeling it for some reason, but it felt good to pound it out. I followed my run with some exercise ball crunches and three sets of thirty lunges. I haven't done those in a while so I am anticipating some soreness tomorrow!

After the gym and a couple quick errands, I was pretty darn hungry. I came home and almost immediately heated the oven and set to work on a dairy-free pizza. That is quickly becoming my favorite meal. It is easy, delicious, and even healthy. Can't beat that! I stuck with turkey pepperoni and vegetables today, but I love it topped with either salmon or chicken as well.

Now, let's do a quick recap of the week. First things first, now that it's November, I can let myself get into the Christmas spirit. I love Christmas time, and I loved walking into Walgreens today and seeing a whole aisle dedicated to Christmas treats and decorations. I made my first candy cane purchase of the season, and even indulged in a few holiday scented products from Bath and Body Works. What can I say, I love Christmas!


Monday morning I made the trek out to Lake Travis and taught my fourth lesson of the semester. I only have two more lessons to teach, and I think four more observations. I am teaching my fifth lesson on Monday, and I can't believe how fast this semester is going. I know I keep saying I post about my teaching, but I think I'll just dedicate one post to it at the end of the semester, since I clearly can't keep my promises.


Tuesday night was a walk down memory lane for this blogger. One of my roommates plays on an intramural volleyball team with some girls from her high school, and they needed a couple of players to fill in this week and play with them. I agreed to play, and I ended up having the best time. We won (and snagged a playoff spot), and I was surprised how into it I got, and how quickly some of my skills came back. We weren't running any crazy plays, and I missed a couple serves, but the longer we played, the more I found my groove. They said I am more than welcome to keep playing with them, and we are going for those coveted intramural champion t-shirts. I am so excited for Tuesday night, I miss volleyball more than I realized, so I am so excited for the opportunity to play for at least two more weeks!

Halloween Wednesday

Halloween wasn't the most exciting holiday the clubhouse has ever seen. Six out of eight roommates had a test (or two) the next day, and the other two had papers on papers on papers. It was, unfortunately, a pretty stress-filled day around here, so there was no fun Halloween stuff going on in our neck of the woods. We did have candy in case we got some trick-or-treaters - we didn't. And I understand the decision to not bring your children trick-or-treating on a predominantly college student street. I did have some fun looking at old Halloween pictures on Instagram, so I'll share one of mine with you. We'll just pretend that I dressed up this year!
Lindsey, me, Erin, Grace, and Klaire

Friday's are always crazy for me, but this Friday was a little bit different. I woke up a little after 6am to get ready to head out to Lake Travis, but before I headed south on Mopac, I fulfilled my civic duty - I VOTED! 

It was my first time to vote in a presidential election, or for anything for that matter, and I was feeling extra American after that experience! After voting, I headed straight to Lake Travis and attended an excellent assembly regarding bullying. I left a little earlier than usual, so I squeezed in a quick swim at Gregory before treating myself to a gyro at Pita Pit.

When I lived at SRD I ordered Pita Pit on the reg, so this was a nice treat for me. After two classes, I went to campaigners, and then took two of my girls to get frozen yogurt at Berry Austin.
Berry Austin tastes sort of like Berripop - sort of
No matter how stressed out I am, my eighth grade girls bring me so much joy that I can't help but be in a good mood when I'm around them. After battling traffic to get home, Sarah and I abandoned all thoughts of productivity and watched two episodes of Friday Night Lights. I must add that we have become a little bit too attached to the characters in this show, and have found ourselves analyzing certain situations in the show. Texas forever!

And that's about it. Phew! Let's hope I don't get this behind again! Tomorrow I am running the Race for the Cure 5K, and hopefully doing a little bit of holiday baking. I'll see y'all tomorrow for Survey Sunday!

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