Thursday, October 17, 2013

Destination: San Francisco

The day is finally here! I have had this trip officially booked since June, but I have had the plan in my mind since January, when I broke my toe and couldn't participate in the Houston half marathon. I guess my parents felt sorry for me, because they quickly agreed to my idea to travel to San Francisco in the middle of the semester to run a half marathon. My mom even volunteered to come with me. It was just such a sacrifice on her part! Before we move on with the excitement of the weekend, let's go through the normal parts of the day.


This will probably be my last scrambled egg white breakfast for a few days, so I made sure to really enjoy this one alongside a delicious plumcot. I am so excited to see what delicious breakfast options San Francisco has in store for me this weekend. I have received numerous recommendations, and I have found a few places through my own Yelp perusing, so we'll see what ends up in my stomach. You can count on some good pictures, though!


In the half marathon training "plan" that I follow, no workout is scheduled for tomorrow, but today's workout is supposed to happen as planned. So, just like virtually almost any other Thursday, I took my workout to the pool for a refreshing swim. I went directly after my three-hour morning class ended, giving myself plenty of time to bike back to my house to shower and make sure I have everything that I need. In typical Kelli fashion, I have probably packed way too much, but I'm pretty unsure about the weather in San Francisco, so I feel like I had to pack multiple options. That's the excuse I'm sticking with, anyway!


I hurried home after class to get all of my last-minute things together, before my friend Hanna so kindly battled traffic in order to get me to the Austin airport, so that I wouldn't have to leave my car parked in the Airport parking garage all weekend. My flight to Denver takes off at 5:50pm, and arrives at approximately 7:10pm. I will meet up with my mom in Denver, and we will fly together to San Francisco, arriving at SFO at 10:35pm, though it will feel like 12:35am to our bodies. Let's cross our fingers that we can get some sleep on the plane! 

A little pleasure reading while I wait to board my flight
We are planning to sleep in a little bit tomorrow before getting up and hitting the race expotique to pick up all of my race materials (and probably a few other things, knowing us), before making our way through my very extensive to-do list. It is my goal to post a recap of each day at the end of the day, because if I don't do it as it happens, it will never get done. And something tells me that I am going to want to be able to look back on this trip, and that I'll have some fun pictures to share with you guys. And if you want a sneak peek of some of the pictures that are sure to appear on my blog, be sure to follow me on Instagram: @peanut_butter_and_kelli. 

And I'll see you guys from San Francisco! Have a great evening!

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