Monday, October 7, 2013

Manic Monday, Round 2

It's been another crazy Monday, and while I certainly don't have the time to go into a long update of my day, I do have a new treadmill workout that I want to share with you guys.

The reason for all of these new treadmill workouts appearing on the blog these days is because every other week I have to be at Westwood by 12:19pm, and this is one of those weeks. That means I have a very limited amount of time to bike home from campus, drive to the gym, workout, drive home, shower, get ready for Westwood, and drive over to Westwood. It can be done, though, and it just causes me to have to take advantage of every single minute. Anyway, I have been on the lookout for new treadmill workouts that get good mileage in a very short amount of time. This has led me to creating some of my own workouts, which then get shared with you guys. Generous, I know. Anyway, I created this 35-minute treadmill workout just last night, and it allowed me to get in and out of the gym with four more miles under my belt.

I think some of these speed-based treadmill workouts are really benefitting my race speed, because I was comfortable maintaining almost an 8:00/mile pace yesterday morning for the full six miles, when my usual pace falls between 8:20-8:40/mile.

After my workout, I spent almost four hours observing my sophomore class at Westwood, and then I spent the next three-ish hours at Barnes and Noble in the Arboretum planning the lesson that I am teaching on Friday. I am teaching over ethos, pathos, and logos, and my teacher pretty much gave me full reign to do whatever I please, and I am really excited about the direction that it is taking. I'll be sure to share with you guys how the two lessons go.

After my time at Barnes and Noble, it was time for me to head over to the Hills area for YoungLife club. I was running a little bit late because I was in a groove with my lesson plan, but that allowed me to see this beautiful Austin, Texas sunset. Sunsets are one of the things that bring me the most joy, so it caused me to stop and appreciate the beauty in a very hectic day. Now I'm taking a lesson planning break to write this blog post, and I hope to crawl in bed before midnight. Fingers crossed!

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