Saturday, October 12, 2013

Red River Rivalry

I am a little embarrassed that yesterday I wrote about my lack of confidence in the Longhorn football team in the big Red River Rivalry game today. But to defend my words, our play so far this year hadn't given me much reason to be hopeful about this game. I don't know where it's been all season, but our team came ready to play today. And I am so proud to be a Longhorn, and I can't wait to see our beautiful tower lit up orange tonight.

I am happy to say that with this win, I can officially continue on with my four-year graduation plan. If we had lost, I was contemplating taking a victory lap, solely to see if I could have one memorable football season (though our 2011 Thanksgiving victory against Texas A&M is certainly one to remember), but my parents will be relieved to hear that I can in fact graduate next May as planned. There are other reasons to celebrate our win, one of them being there will certainly be an increased morale on campus, and we just might have a bit more school spirit. I know that I'm already excited for when my parents to come to Austin in November so that we can all go to the OSU game. If we keep playing like this, I'm calling a Big 12 championship. You heard it here first! I'm also happy for the sake of Mack Brown. Though I think he should step down at the end of this year just as much as the next person, I think winning the Red River Rivalry is a good way to do that. He's done great things for this program, and it was so nice to see him smiling on the sidelines this afternoon.

And this win was made all the better due to the fact that my little brother is currently a freshman at OU. I didn't know how I was going to live it down if we had lost this game. 

I'm a little bummed that I didn't make the trek to Dallas for my senior year Texas/OU game, but the best seat in the house is often the view from the couch, or from a treadmill, which is where I spent the majority of the first half.

I got up around 8:00 this morning, and opted to work on a little bit of homework instead of hitting the gym first thing. Around 11:30 I finally changed out of my pajamas and headed up to 24 Hour Fitness, and set up shop on a treadmill that was very close to the TV that was showing the game. I ended up running just over seven miles in an hour, and because I was watching the game, the time absolutely flew by. Plus, it was fun to see everyone reacting to the game. I am really feeling ready for my upcoming trip to San Francisco, and that feeling is heightened due to the fact that I just brought down my suitcase so that I can start packing. I always do this, in that I get started extremely early, but then I tend to leave most of the packing to the last minute. Let's see if I can break that trend this time!

After my time at the gym, a quick trip to Target, and a very refreshing shower, I heated up a bowl of my chicken and pineapple vegetable dish, and ate it while parked on the couch watching that beautiful, beautiful football game. 

I'm honestly so happy that nothing can bring me down, even the fact that my plans for the rest of the day include working on lots of school work. Hook 'Em Horns, and Texas Forever! Have a great rest of your Saturday!

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