Friday, October 11, 2013

Casual Friday

I have never before appreciated the beauty that is Casual Friday. Previously, all of the "jobs" that I've had have lent themselves to sporting pretty casual clothing. And while I love putting on my "teacher clothes" - slacks or a dress, a nice top, and heels, I quickly learned that I love even more to slip on my favorite pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater, and comfy shoes. In today's case, my comfy shoes were my customized UT Toms. Though I'm not extremely confident about our chances at the Red River Rivalry this weekend, I still have to support my Horns!


I woke up to some fairly gloomy weather this morning, which did not contribute to my wanting to get out of bed. I snoozed my alarm until about 7:30am, wen I finally got up, got dressed, prepared my lunch for the day, and made my usual breakfast of scrambled egg whites and spinach. I ate those alongside an especially delicious plumcot and some sliced watermelon. I headed off to class with a very happy stomach. 


I hurried home from campus and drove over to the gym, where I was stationed at my favorite treadmill by 10:10am. I covered a total of 4.25 miles in 36 minutes, and 4.15 of those miles were spent running. My treadmill workout looked like this:

After my quick time spent at the gym (I am so looking forward to a longer gym session tomorrow), I headed home to shower and get ready to go to Westwood. I wrote earlier this week that I was going to be teaching today, and though I planned and prepared for my lesson over rhetorical appeals, I received an email yesterday from my teacher saying she had met with her team and they decided to move that lesson to later in the semester, because today was going to be devoted to working on the rough drafts of their literary analysis papers. I will still get to teach the lesson that I planned, it will just be later in the semester. It would have been nice to get it out of the way today, especially because I won't be going to the school at all next week, but we are told over and over again in our UTeach class that flexibility is a big part of being a teacher, so I guess I am learning that skill fairly well. Plus, it will mean less work for me one week later in the semester. There's always a bright side!

After my time at Westwood, I drove over to Lakeline Mall for the first time, mainly because I was in a shopping mood, and because Lakeline Mall is located about two miles from Westwood. I was probably a little bit too successful in my shopping endeavor, though I still can't seem to find the perfect pair of nude heels. I've been on the lookout for some since August, and I think maybe I am just being a bit too picky in what I want. But then again, I have to like them if I expect to wear them (and stand in them for hours)!

This weekend is likely to be pretty low-key, as a lot of my roommates are out of town for the weekend, many of my friends are either in Dallas for the game, or attending weekend two of ACL, and Dylan is going home to Friendswood for the weekend. I was very tempted to take him up on his offer to drop me off at my house on the way to his, but I decided against it because I am leaving town next Thursday (six days!), and I should try to get as much done as I possibly can this weekend, so that I'm not feeling pressure to do a lot of school work when I am in San Francisco. Speaking of, be on the lookout for a half marathon playlist coming one day next week. Have a great rest of your Friday!

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