Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Workouts of Tens

Two posts in one day? That's when you know it's the first week back at school, because I have a little bit of extra time on my hands. I have no grading to do (I should relish this, because I know the storm is approaching), and I think I'm relatively caught up on all of the PowerPoints and copies that need to be made. I shouldn't speak too soon, however, because it's very possible that I'll get to school tomorrow and realize that there is something else that I could have done. But then again, I've quickly learned that there's always something else that can be done, but that I have to call it quits at some point. And I think I've been pretty good about that thus far. So maybe I'll get to school one day and be scrambling, but what's life without a little bit of pressure?

Anyway, I wanted to get in a quick post tonight because I have a quick and efficient workout to share with you guys. At least, I find it to be efficient. I was perusing through my fitness board on Pinterest when I came across a workout that inspired me to take that and get a little creative. I did a longer variation of this workout during the volleyball season, that was still relatively quick, but because I planned on meeting Sarah for a walk at Hermann Park, I kept this one short and sweet.

And short and sweet is what I'll do with this post, too.

I started and ended each set with 100 jump ropes and 10 box jumps, but what came in the middle of those two exercises alternated every other set. On the odd-numbered sets, I did bicep curls, Russian twists, and (girl) pushups, and on the even-numbered sets I did overhead presses, ins & outs, and tricep dips.

Lots of 10s, or multiples of 10, and you see where I came up with the name for this workout. I would estimate that this took about 25 minutes, which is perfect for those days when you don't have a lot of time, yet you still want a challenge. And as you can see, it's extremely easy to add extra exercises to this workout. I've done back work and bosu ball squats, but it just really depends how much time you have. And trust me, your legs will be feeling the burn towards the end of this one!

And because I don't have much on my to-do list (yet), I found myself browsing Pinterest during one of my off periods, when I came across this recipe for Apple Peanut Butter Delights. Apple and peanut butter is one of my very favorite combinations, and it's been a while since I've enjoyed that indulgence, so I made a quick stop at Randall's on my way home and picked up a pack of Whole Wheat English Muffins so that I could throw this together for a quick and delicious dinner. And it can be considered healthy, right? Protein from the peanut butter, carbohydrates from the English muffin, and they say that apple a day keeps the doctor away! 

I nixed the sugar, mainly because I didn't want to dirty another bowl mixing the sugar and cinnamon together, so I'll tell myself it was a job well done. It tasted great, and if I had any left, I would surely take it with me to school tomorrow. But alas, my dad finished them off for me. So I guess it really was a job well done.

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