Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Student Quotes II

Wednesday! Middle of the week! We can do it! And what's even better is that I have early release today. Which comes at an especially great time because I had my first sand volleyball game last night, and what time did that game start? 9:50pm. That's almost 10:00pm, people. A time when this girl is typically already in bed (or perhaps already asleep?). But I had a lot of fun playing, even though I learned I'm just as competitive as I was back in high school, and I'll be sure to recap that soon. Anyway, thanks, HISD for letting me off the hook today!

And because my Student Quotes post was such a hit, I'm back with another round of student quotes. New semester, (mostly) the same students. You better believe I still stop and write down the funny and cute and okay, sometimes inappropriate, things that my kids say. They keep me laughing and up on the teen lingo, that is for absolute sure.

#3. He knows how to get the ladies.
Me too. And I wish every student here would come to the same conclusion.
My heart just melted.
Yes, F-R-I-E-N-D-S is absolutely an appropriate reference.
10. We were discussing the different between capital and Capitol, so I asked, "For example, what is the Capitol of Texas?" When a student responded, "Houston," I couldn't even quiet the kid who snapped, "It's no wonder you're failing world geography" at her.
9. I do remember doing this when I took biology freshman year of high school, but I still looked at my students at surprise when one student said to another, "You gave me HIV!"
8. I was walking down the stairs to the gym during a passing period (which happens to be the bane of my very existence) when I got to overhear this exchange between two students:
Student 1: "Hey, he wants to ask you something."
Student 2: "Oh shoot, she's a teacher, dude."
That is definitely a young teacher problem.
7. A student had missed my class for a number of days in a row, meaning he missed out on quite a bit of work. He caught me in a moment of snappiness when he came up to me and asked, "Miss, am I missing any work in your class?"
Well, DS [darling student], you currently have a 4 average. Don't work yourself too hard.
6. We are currently reading Ernest Gaines' A Lesson Before Dying and we had the students do a pre-reading research project. One of the iconic figures students could choose to research was Jackie Robinson. While doing his research a student turns to me and asks, "Miss, is shortstop a sport?"
I wasn't even sure how to respond to that question.
5. I'm honestly not even sure how we got on the topic of swimming, but a student informed me very seriously that "[He] swims for [his] life, [he] doesn't swim for fun."
4. We were reading a poem by Emily Dickinson that conveys the idea that it's the small acts that make a difference, though they won't necessarily make you famous. To get the conversation started I asked students to think about the following question:
"If you were famous, for what would you like to be famous?"
I got the normal responses of athlete, singing, acting, etc., and then, from both of my reading classes, I received this answer:
I'm influencing our future one kid at a time.
3. I was writing definitions on the board (how old school does that sound?), and a student commented on my left-handedness. The following conversation ensued:
Student: "Miss Tomlinson, you're left-handed?"
Me: "I sure am!"
Student: "But you have such pretty handwriting!"
Defying the lefty stereotype since day one.
2. It was Monday when I asked my 7th period class how their weekend was. And mind you, I also have this student in my 1st period class, and I did not get the same enthusiastic response. Our interaction went something like this:
Me: "So, how was y'all's weekend?"
Student: "Oh, I ate at lots of good restaurants, I went to Moody Gardens ... it was Gucci."
I know that's a thing, but it makes me laugh every single time. Especially in the nonchalant way that he said it.
1. Now, this one wasn't my student, rather a stray student in one of the classrooms that I float into. She loudly lamented to a friend that, "Prom is definitely more stressful than applying to college."
I might have to agree with that statement, especially when someone in your prom group is 50 minutes late to pictures, but we won't go there (today, anyway).

And for a bonus, a student [whom I don't even teach anymore] walked into my room this morning and immediately asked me, "What's with the bun?" Sidenote: I wanted to sleep in a few extra minutes this morning, so I threw my hair up on top of my head (once deemed the "Kelli Bun" by many of my friends). Today is the first day I have worn my hair up in a ponytail, and as of 7:43am, I have already had four students comment on it. Anyway, said student told me he didn't like it. After I thanked him for insulting me he said, "I wasn't insulting you, I was just being totally 100% honest." Teenagers, right? For the record, the other 20 comments I received throughout the day were positive. So there.

Wednesday's final tally
I hope this provided you a couple of laughs today. See you guys for Things I'm Loving Friday, if not before!

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