Saturday, September 1, 2012

Body Pump

I woke up this morning feeling so glad that it was Saturday. I know it has only been three days of school, but I think a combination of attending five new classes, getting thrown way too many important dates, and biking to and from class in this extreme heat has gotten to me. I slept like a rock last night, thankful for the fact that I did not have to set an alarm and that I could wake up whenever I was ready. I had plans to attend a Body Pump class at 10am, but I can never sleep much past 8am, so I knew that wouldn't be a problem. I woke up around 7:45am, so after toasting an English muffin and topping it with peanut butter, banana, and a pinch of cinnamon, I curled up on one of our many comfortable chairs and continued reading Catcher in the Rye. I don't have to have this book read for about a month, but it is so much more appealing than the other books I have to read, so I went ahead and started my day with a little Holden Caulfield and Sally Hayes. 

I headed to the gym a little before 10 and set up shop in the back of the room, since I am a Body Pump newbie and I wanted to be able to watch everyone else as opposed to having people watch me. Plus, I always gravitate toward the back of group exercise classes. I guess that will have to change if I ever plan on being a fitness instructor or personal trainer!

I was so excited to learn that my new gym offers a Body Pump class, because I have read about it on virtually every single healthy living blog that I regularly read and no one ever seems to have a negative comment, so I was pumped to try it out! Pumped, get it?
My station
Anyway, my first encounter with Body Pump was actually this past Tuesday night, but it got overshadowed by the first week of class and I am just now reporting my take on this highly-recommended class. For those of you who don't know, Body Pump is an hour-long strength and endurance class, focusing on targeting virtually every muscle group using low weights and high repetitions. Being someone who does not enjoy weight training on my own, this class is the perfect way to ensure that I am not only working out every major muscle group, but also that I am doing it correctly. Kristina has been my instructor both times that I have taken the class and she is just awesome. She pushes you to your limits, but she also encourages you, reminding you that you will be glad you didn't quit. Body Pump is quickly turning into my new favorite group exercise class, though I'm not sure anything can replace spinning with Felipe, because it gets my heart rate up and provides me with a much better strength workout than I would ever give myself. The time passes so quickly, except for when we are doing lunges - I don't think those are ever going to end! I give it two thumbs up, and I can't wait to make this class a regular part of my exercise routine!

After a 20-minute cool down on the elliptical, a quick HEB trip, a shower, and a bit of homework, I heated up a combination of black beans and cannelloni beans to enjoy with a side of refreshing fruit. I'd say it was a winning combination. Now I am off to get in a couple more hours of homework before attending a soccer game in which a few of my Wydlife girls are playing. I can't wait!
The beans just weren't as pretty as the fruit
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and GET YOUR HORNS UP! Today brings the first Saturday of college football, and the first Longhorn football game of the 2012 season. I absolutely love watching college football on TV, but I don't quite possess the same love when it comes to actually attending the games. I find much more enjoyment in watching the game while sitting on my couch in an air-conditioned room. I know that puts some of you football-loving people to shame, and I am sure I will make it out to a few games this year, but for right now, I'll be shouting Texas Fight from the comfort of my own home. Can't beat it!
Burnt orange and boots 

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