Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Day of School

This morning started bright and early with my alarm going off at 6am so that I could head to the gym and start my day on the right note. I went in with the thought that I would run five miles, but after 4.1 miles I got a little sitch in my side and I decided to not run it out as I normally would and instead spend some time doing a little bit of ab work. I did a combination of push-ups and crunches, and I think my arms might hate me a little bit even though I really didn't do that many push-ups at all. Push-ups just never get any easier for this girl!

I headed home for a quick shower so that I would have enough time to get ready for my first day at Lake Travis Middle School. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be student teaching in an eighth grade Language Arts classroom, and we were finally cleared to enter the school this past Friday. I went for second and third period - 9:38 - 11:19am, and I was just blown away by this school. Now, I came from a rather affluent middle school myself, recognized nationally and home of the world's strictest dress code, and though I didn't love all aspects of it, it really did prepare me for high school - whatever that even means!
First day of eighth grade - round one
However, I was unprepared to see that the students shake their teachers' hand before walking into the classroom, and that they all have their own iPads. Come on, eighth grade? In my day, walking in to the class to see that we would be working with computers at all was an exciting day! Times are sure a changin'! Maybe I can use this to convince my parents to get me an iPad!

Anyway, the kids were so polite and my teacher is just great. She really has a handle on the kids while also joking around and having fun with them. They were all pretty excited to have me there, I hope, anyway, and I am already looking forward to going back next week. I think I am really going to learn what it means to be a teacher and though I am fully prepared for it to be tough at times, I am also expecting to learn a lot this semester.
First day of eighth grade - round two
The only thing I didn't like? The traffic I hit on my way to the school. Grown-up problems, am I right? Okay, I have one more thing that I didn't like. The darn humidity that just won't go away. Humidity and my hair just do not get along.

I think I mentioned a few months ago that once I had a phone that allowed me to take selfies, the selfies would become a lot more prominent. I do try and keep my promises!

The drive home was pretty easy, and I came home to finish off my crock pot chicken and vegetables and then enjoy a big ol' honeycrisp apple with a side of peanut butter. 
My belly was pretty darn happy as I reluctantly headed off to my Literature of Islamophobia class. The book we are reading right now is just dragging on and on, and I am about ready to move on to the next one!

Anyway, I'm off to small group - enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

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