Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in Business

Sorry for the fitness and food absence, y'all. My workouts haven't been too exciting these days, as I am really getting back into distance-running mode with my half-marathon on the horizon. Well, it's in January, but I am contemplating a half in December so I am just trying to gauge if I think I will be ready for 13.1 miles by then. I ran five miles yesterday morning, which felt good considering I went to BodyPump on Tuesday night and my legs were SORE. I skipped a week of it due to various things and let me tell you, I will not do that again as long as I can help it. My legs were screaming, and usually my legs can handle that sort of beat down. It felt good to push myself though, and I am trying to make BodyPump a regular part of my workout on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Anyway, I knew I would feel better and more confident if I completed those five miles that I had planned for on Wednesday morning, so I just kept on trucking, though not at my usual pace. Lately, I have kept my pace slower than my usual pace, but that has proven to work really well for me, so I think I am going to stick to it until I feel ready to up the pace. I am also ready for a cool front to hit Austin so that I can take my long runs outside to Town Lake! So much better than running nine miles on a treadmill.
Who wouldn't enjoy running to this view?

After my one class of the day, I headed out the door to my first small group of the year. We had our dessert party last week, but this was our first actual Bible study of the year. We are going through Galatians this year and I am really excited about it - I love taking time out of my hectic schedule to relax and talk about some really awesome things. At 5:30 I hopped in my car again and headed in the direction of the Arboretum. We were planning to have a Wyldlife hangout at Amy's Ice Cream at 7:30, but I decided to just head out there early, get a couple things at the nearby HEB, work on some homework, and grab a delicious dinner. And a delicious dinner it was - Zoe's Kitchen! You may remember that my brother and I went there in Houston about a month back, and I raved about his steak kabobs. Well, my normally tough what-to-order decision was made easy and I went with the steak kabobs. They were so tender, so juicy, and just all around good. I don't think I will stray from that order anytime soon!

I'm actually off to try and get in a nice swim before class (and the rain) at 12:30! Enjoy your Thursday!

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