Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Tradition

Sorry for the absence, everyone! School has really started picking up speed and Friday was a crazy day as I battled some extreme Austin traffic on my way to Houston to spend a weekend at home. Friday night I headed back to the old stomping grounds, aka Tully Stadium, to watch my alma mater dominate in their football game. I visited with one of my favorite former teachers, and yesterday was a rainy Saturday spent lounging at home before meeting one of my favorite former coaches for Berripop - which you all know is one of my favorites! I'd say it's been a pretty good weekend!
"forever we'll honor you"
Daniel is #17

Now, here's your typical Survey Sunday, enjoy!
P.S. HOOK 'EM! My stress level was out of control during the game last night, and all I have to say is WE'RE BACK, BABY!

1. Are you a morning or night person? Morning person, for sure. I am a grandma when it comes to bedtimes and my high school friends were forever making fun of me.
7am before going 70.3 miles
6:35am before riding my bike from Houston to Austin for the BPMS150
2. Ninjas or pirates? Pirates.

3. What was your favorite childhood television program? Boy Meets World. Duh. I also loved pretty much anything on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel - you know, Hey Arnold, Sister, Sister, Lizzie McGuire, Rocket Power? The good stuff!

4. Any food dislikes? Sushi. Well, I have never actually had it but I just can't bring myself to eat raw fish. I have only recently started eating cooked fish, after all.

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? The ability to apparate. If you don't know what that is, I truly feel sorry for you.

6. What is usually your first though when you wake up? Usually I am pretty good about getting up when my first alarm goes off, but now that I am back in school and staying up later than I would like, my first thought is generally "ughhhh.. is it really time to get up?!"
I can guarantee that I don't look quite this excited when my alarm goes off
7. What is your favorite color? Pink. But I also love yellow and orange - such happy colors!

Yellow is so happy!
8. Do you believe in ghosts? Nah.

9. Have any bad habits? Popping literally every joint in my body is probably not the best habit to have. I think popping my knuckles is more of a nervous habit, but I pop my back, neck, knees, ankles, etc., way too much!

10. Biggest pet peeve? Tardiness.

11. Any celebrity crushes? I wouldn't say I have celebrity "crushes," more like I go through celebrity obsessions, where I obsess over someone for a while and know every last detail about them before I tire of them and move on to the newest obsession. I do find that many of my obsessions are athletes, just saying.
(Source) I read Tim Tebow's book, obsessed!

12. Clean or messy person? I'll say that I am a combination of both. When it comes to my school things, I tend to be pretty organized, but when it comes to my room - especially when things get busy and my stress starts building - it tends to get a little messy. BUT, I've tried to be better about keeping my room somewhat neat this year!
Not one of my finer moments
13. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Oh man, this is a tough question because I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places. However, I am a Texas girl through and through and I honestly think I would choose to stay right here in the Lone Star State.

14. Name 1 thing you miss about being a kid. My carefree spirit.
That is one happy kid!
15. Name 1 thing you love about being an adult. Do I qualify as an adult?

16. Any regrets? I can't possibly have any regrets when my senior motto was NO REGRETZ. Seriously, we said this so many times that I am shocked that we never tired of it. That, and singing the "Graduation" song by Vitamin C. But in all seriousness, I truly don't have any regrets, or any major ones. Maybe I have regretted buying a blue shirt instead of a red one or something.

17. What was one of your favorite foods as a kid? Spaghetti-O's. Truth is, I would probably still eat those today if you presented me with a can of them.
18. What would be your dream job? That's a great question because I honestly don't know what my dream job is. I have always wanted to become a teacher, but part of me really wants to do something in the fitness world. I also love baking and I think owning my own bakery would be the ultimate job.

19. What would your last supper be? Hmm.. this is such a tough question because I have so many favorite meals! I think I would go with something from Hungry's because that is my all-time favorite restaurant and I don't think I have ever not liked anything I have ordered. I'd start off with some black bean soup, maybe a burger or chicken gyro for my main meal, and then I would head off in the direction of Berripop to get myself my favorite frozen yogurt for dessert. That meal alone is enough to convince me to move back to Houston after I graduate.

20. Who was the best looking teacher you ever had? I'm thinking I should keep this answer off the Internet, but I'm betting those who really know me might know who I have in mind!

21. What’s the strangest talent you have? I can touch my tongue to my nose? I don't know if I have any particularly strange talents..

22. Which shoe do you put on first? Right.
This is the best photo I could find to demonstrate my right-foot bias
23. Do you parallel park or drive around the block? Well, seeing as I never learned to parallel park, and almost five years later I still can't do it, I will drive around until I find a parking spot that does not require parallel parking, no matter how far away it is from where I want to go. That's not the best method when it comes to living in Austin, but I do what I can.

24. Do you have any strange phobias? YES. I'm terribly afraid of escalators because one of my friend's dad told me that 70 deaths a year occur from people falling through loose steps on escalators, so I now harbor this fear that I am going to fall straight through and get grinded up in the gears. Feel free to judge me.

25. Name 1 thing not many people know about you. You know, I share a whole lot with you guys, so I don't know what you guys don't know about me. Okay, here's one: when I was really little, I was extremely shy, so much so that I wouldn't talk to anyone outside of my immediate family. Funny story for a girl who is putting a whole lot of information on the Internet!
Is that a shy little smile or what?

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