Friday, April 26, 2013

Breakfast + Spin

I really don't have anything very interesting to report this morning, but I promised more regular posts, so I apologize if you are bored by the next few paragraphs.

I fell asleep watching the NFL draft last night - I actually fell asleep shortly after the Texans pick, and people seem to be happy enough with him for me to get excited about this upcoming football season. Anyway, as a result of my early bedtime, I woke up around 7:15am, ready to greet the day. I knew I wanted to attend a 9:15am spin class, so I got to work preparing breakfast so that it would have time to digest before my spin class started.

I whipped up my current go-to breakfast: egg whites and sauteed spinach topped with salsa, and ate them alongside the last three of my oatmeal-banana-almond butter muffins and a handful of grapes. I was left feeling a bit full by the time my class rolled around, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that everything I ate was healthy? We'll just go with that.


Since I am home, I knew I was going to take advantage of one of my favorite spin classes in either Houston or Austin - the Friday morning spin class with Betsy at the MAC. This is a 70-minute spin class, and those extra ten minutes really make a difference. Today's class was a really great one. We alternated between strength and hill training and speed work. The last four minutes were tough - I considered it to be a type of tabata workout if you are familiar with that term. We sprinted for 20 seconds, and then we had ten seconds of recovery, and we did that for four minutes. You might not think it would be that hard, but give it a try during your next bike workout - but do it at the end so that once you finish, all you have left is the cool-down.

Anyway, we covered around 28 miles in 70 minutes, and I left nice and sweaty, just like I always do. I made the decision this morning that I would really love to teach spin classes one day. There are so many different focal points in a spin class, and I think I would have a lot of fun coming up with different spin workouts that would challenge my riders. Becoming a certified spin instructor might just turn into my summer project - stay tuned!

And now I am off to do some studying at our local Barnes and Noble - I have my second-to-last test of the semester on Tuesday, and if I can just maintain the grades I have made on the past three tests, I will be golden. But I put in quite a bit of study time for those tests, so I need to be sure to do the same for this one. It's hard to motivate myself to study when I'm at home, but since my brother is at school and my parents are both at work, I should be able to get in some good study time.

And for those of you who have been disappointed with the lack of recipes lately, fear not, because I will be back in a few hours with a new recipe just for you guys. Here's a little sneak preview.

Enjoy your Friday!

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