Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tests vs. Papers

I am really excited for summer because that means my blog posts will be far more frequent. Until then, school and other activities are going to be crazy, but I will try and keep y'all as updated as possible. Just a fair warning - but please, keep stopping by my blog!

Speaking of school, my absence this past week was due to a big exam that I had this morning. The way the class is run is tough in itself, so my roommate and I always set up shop in the upstairs lounge for a few hours the night before the test, talking through everything we need to know. I knew this exam was going to be even tougher because, one, I spent the weekend at home, where I never get much school work done, and two, the material was all new-to-me information, and three, there was a lot of material crammed into four classes. All that being said, I found the test pretty difficult. And in addition to taking this exam, three papers were returned to me today. Not to brag on my writing skills (as an English major, they're supposed to be pretty good, though, right?), but I received pretty good feedback on all of them, just furthering my preference for papers over tests. With tests, I feel like I am never really done studying, but with papers, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I have the power to actually feel confident about what I am turning into my professor.


Now that my test rant is out of the way, we'll move onto more exciting (or less exciting, depending on your viewpoint) things - a workout! It has been raining all week here in Austin - I may not like it much, but the grass sure does - so I was hoping for a warm, sunny day that would allow me to swim. No such luck. The sun finally came out, but the temperatures have remained in the 40's and 50's all day. So, I hit the gym for a 5:45pm spin class. I have never been to this particular spin class before, but it was no joke. It was lots of interval speed work that was absolutely killer. However, I loved the class, and I thought it was interesting how the instructor incorporated bursts of slow pedaling with your torso at a 45 degree angle. It was a nice break from the "double time," but my legs were burning! I'd give this workout two thumbs up!


After my spin class, I was ready for some dinner. I took a shower, sauteed some chicken and spinach, heated up some black beans and corn, mixed it with a splash of salsa, and enjoyed. The perfect post-workout meal!

Now I am going to plan campaigners for tomorrow and do a bit of homework. Like I said, these next four weeks are busy, busy, busy! But look on the bright side - it's almost Friday!


  1. Congrats on the awesome grades!! I agree on the papers vs. tests debate - papers all the way!

    1. THANK YOU, so much! I spent quite a bit of my spring break on that huge research paper, so I am glad to say that it wasn't a waste of my time! :) And yes, papers are the way to go!